mouse lagging in Windows 10

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I am using Windows 10 on a Dell desktop. Everything seems working fine but the mouse. At the beginning when I start my PC it works fine but after some time the mouse starts lagging and the cursor is actually very choppy to the point of not being responsive at all for seconds in a row. I have the feeling that this becomes worse after I use facebook or adobe acrobat but can't be 100% certain. When I go to the mouse settings it says that the driver is up to date. I would greatly appreciate if some one could suggest any ideas of how to debug and fix this problem. Maybe somebody has already come across it. Thanks in advance.

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is it a mouse - optical or wireless?
On other computers, when I turn on this mouse, does the problem recur?
Does your system have the latest update?


It is a wireless mouse, Logitech to be more precise.
Windows updates regularly and as I mentioned in my last comment, it reports the mouse driver as up to date.
I didn't try the mouse on another computer but tried different mouse on this computer. It kind of behaves the same choppy way.

Please scan offline Defender may be a virus.
Or start Windows in safe mode.
I don't think it is a virus. I have Norton 360 installed and it regularly checks the computer.
I can start in safe mode but then what? What should I look for and how to debug?
I'm sorry that I shared the link in Polish - please search in your own language, if in safe mode the problem still exists, this is a difficult case.