Missing “Backup” tab in OneDrive Settings

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Ofcourse I read these before posting:


None of the suggestions make any difference. OD client is very latest production from:


No or are blocked


All GPOs are in place:



Anybody has any working suggestion?


I need the KFM working, otherwise my students saving in Documents on local drive!

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To what, to TwoDrive?


I am already running the latest version!

Sometimes it is better to say nothing...


Hi @Sebastian cerazy 


Check this page for additional methods:  

Hopefully you'll find a solution.


Thanks,but that lot is seriously unhelpful

@Sebastian cerazy  




Your info 

Sign in with a local user instead 


Check if Backup tab is back

Sing in with local user on domain joined machine?

Somehow that is not going to happen!



@Sebastian cerazy  


You didn't mention this. 

I'm sorry but I don't have the necessary expertise on this matter.
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I had to add EVERY single one from this list to go through the rule that does NOT have AV/webfilter/SSL inspection

Which is pretty drastic

From One Drive Setting window, on the Settings tab
"Files On-Demand"
Check mark, "Save space and download files as you use them."