Microsoft Camera App having issues taking photos with UHD webcams

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I've been using the Microsoft Camera App to take photos using an SD webcam without issues. Since that resolution is sometimes too low I've bought a 4K webcam.

Using this new webcam I very frequently getting an error message: 0xA00F4250 PhotoCaptureStartFailed (0x80070018). See screenshot below. The Microsoft Photo Booth App shows the same behaviour.

On my desktop I can take one photo and after that constantly getting this error. When I fiddle with the focus option I often can take one photo again after that the error again.
On my laptop I can take a couple of photo's and then getting the error a few times, which repeats itself.
Both computers are powerful with enough memory and disk. Still on Windows 10 though.

When I set the resolution to the lower HD value in the App the error is much less. And on SD (like the old webcam) never shows the errors.


There is a list of options to try on a page of "The Windows Club", but none help. Other sources on internet all point to this page or have copied these options.

Anybody out there with a 4K webcam who can check if this is an issue in the camera App?
Or maybe with a solution?



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1. Update the Microsoft Camera App
2. Disable and re-enable the camera
3. Reset the camera settings
Thanks Yarisyoyo, but these are points already stated on "The Windows Club", see link below.
Did all that without any improvement. Also note that I can take pictures, but get this message frequently.

To all: I've tested the same camera on another Windows 10 computer and it seems to work there. Took 20+ pictures without error. Also tested on a Windows 11 computer which worked.
So Windows 10 does support 4K pictures and the camera does work. Now I "only" need to find out why it's not working on my two computers :(
thanks that helped me alot