Memory_management blue screen of death

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I seem to get them very frequently and I’m running out of options. I don’t know what’s causing them. I was just downloading a game and it cause a memory_management bsod. Why would it cause it. Any help will be appreciated.

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is your Windows 10 up to date?
you can check the version from Settings => System = > About

there are some troubleshooting steps written here, you can try them:

my windows version is 20H2.


i did pretty much everything in that web page except the memtest86. i dont have a flash drive yet.


they all come out fine. im a streamer and i cant stream if im getting blue screens.@HotCakeX 

I understand, that could be annoying, maybe one of your RAM modules is failing. the memtest86 is a reliable test, if you can get your hands on a flash drive and test your RAM modules it would be good.

by the way, do you know exactly when this specific BSOD started happening?
like after a hardware change? a software installation? an update installation?



whats wrong with the memory test in windows 10? For a start its limited to the first 4gb of ram.


You can put memtest on a usb drive easy enough