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Surface Laptops 3 & 4's i5/i7. General windows versions 2004 build through 20H2 Sophos Endpoint installed and Teramind.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be creating these random tma_.* files that pretty much are bogging down a few of our systems. Sophos has not detected a thing and when it does and we manually clean it up it seems to subside. Definitely stemming from an email but not sure how to trace this back down to it's source and terminate it. No event viewer info found. Help is appreciated.

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Try run scan with different Anti-Malware, for example you may consider running a full scan with Safety Scanner, take a look at:
Do you have any sample of this malware?



Please read this - I think it will be helpful.

Protect your PC from unwanted software (



If you have reasonable suspicions that the files are infected, you can send them to Microsoft

Submit a file for malware analysis - Microsoft Security Intelligence


No sample available have to find another PC this is happening on. Than you for the MSERT, didn't even know this was a thing! Trying it now.



 Didn't seem to find much, trying a few other things



How Cyberattacks Are Changing with New Microsoft Digital Defense Report - Microsoft Security Blog

Thank you for the screenshot, this a virus where it damage the Windows Defender and hopefully it has been removed.
If you had any sample, then I could guide you to send them to Microsoft for analyze.
You may perform a scan with Microsoft Defender Offline too, take a look at:


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