Logitech c920 not recognized in imaging devices. Want to use it in flashplayer and Explorer.

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Dell Inspiron 15-7579. Intel i5 core, 7th generation. Updated Win 10. Question date April 24, 2019. Logitech C920 is not and will not be recognized as an Imaging Device in Device Manager (is listed under Camera). Cannot integrate into Imaging Devices to use in Flashplayer/launch camera in apps in Explorer--flashplayer settings see C920 webcam and audio but NO RESPONSE. Want apps and Flashplayer (Current) to access C920 but no way to "add devices" nor any way to set C920 as default camera. Win10 only uses integrated webcam--poorly--cannot zoom the integrated camera. How do I fix or will Windows Techs write an update to add apps to access external webcam; publish a simple regedit?; make it possible to use external webcam as default--integrated camera inferior. Does anyone know a way to override Win10 programing to get C920 operating in Explorer/flashplayer?  I don't want to hold my face 4" from camera for closeup--cannot type or see others.

Thanks for any and all help. Major frustration!!!

Is Windows Corp. insensitive to peoples needs and desires. Seems like they are limiting 'out' capability and thus restricting 'us' to their integrated products and their choices. SAD.

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