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I have a dell laptop.  the keyboard is not working.  it will not allow me to type and if it does it enters numbers when letters are selected and letters when numbers are selected.


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Hi @Tim Renard 

there is a post that has an accepted answer, please have a look

@Tim Renard 

Can you share more details of your laptop? What system you are using? Also, check on the drivers, are they updated properly?

I also faced similar kind of issue with my HP laptop. I thought my keyboard got damaged so I bought new USB keyboard but still I was facing the same issue. Then I realized that it is due to Windows 10. My laptop doesn't support Windows 10. So I downgraded to Windows 8 and now my keyboard is working perfectly fine.

Please let me know if your whole keyboard is not working or some of the keys are not working.

I hope this information helps you!