Issue with my monitor color profile calibration

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I have two monitor setup calibrated with ColorMunki loaded with a color profile (.icm).

Since the last windows updates, every time I open the action center notifications or open some sections of the windows configuration such as "screen options" or Sistem my right monitor changes the color profile as default and I can't change it back unless I reboot the computer.  It's really annoying


I have version 2004




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Windows 10 community hub:

also the latest version of Windows 10 is 2009 (20H2)

I'd suggest you to reinstall your graphic card driver, update to the latest version of Windows 10 using the link above and if none of them worked, send a feedback from Feedback hub app and recreate your problem using the built in tool to help Windows team figure out what is causing that issue.


I tried all of them but non of them worked.

@FrancoPalacios111 Hi there, I have exactly the same issue with the same configuration (ColorMunki).


Did you solve it? How?



Found this in the meantime which seems to do it from:


Windows 10 2004: Icc profile gone when openning the action center or the Windows display... (windows...


Save your ICC profile in the following location: \Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color

You can change your computer's color management settings by opening "Color Management" in Control Panel.


  • Tick the "use my settings for this device" check box

  • Press "add" at the bottom and locate the relevant profile. You may need to choose "browse" from the profiles pop-up to find the profiles you have added in the relevant folder.

  • The profile will appear in the middle pane. If more than one is visible you can select the default using the "set as default" button
  • You will also need to enable the profiles gamma correction.

  • Go into the advanced tab. You need to select "use Windows display calibration" but it is greyed out initially.

  • Click "change system defaults" and a new window pops up which looks the same as the previous one

  • Click on "advanced" tab and you should be able to tick "use Windows display calibration" from there. You should see a change in the screens gamma as the corrections from the profile are loaded.
Yes! It works fine

Same solution in video format!



Hey. Thanks for that video, i have no doubt that it helped, but i think its great to have color setup for my display, in order to avoid any problems in the future.


And so far, dear friends, I most likely have a solution to the problem, who has an Intel video card (iGpu) and the like.


In the Calibration Loader task (task planning service) i have two default triggers enabled and i do added one more trigger that called for "when unlocking a workstation by a user", this trigger is enabled and delay task option is set up for 30 seconds, also in the Settings tab, at the very bottom i set option "the following rule applies if tasks are already running:" to run a new instance parallel
if this did not help you or your calibration is lost again, you can try to clone all these three triggers (or someone of them), with a different delay in execution, for example, the first copy - instantly, the second copy - 30 seconds, the third copy - 1 minute.


Unfortunately, you have to wait about 30 seconds (or more) after sleep mode for the display to return it's right calibration, but it's still better than nothing. And there is no solution in the Internet so far, in my case it is a laptop. HP ProBook 430 G4 with Intel HD 610 Graphics videocard and Windows 10 20H2 on the board. 


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