Is Windows 11 real for you?

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I own Windows 11 leak on my own laptop and it works fine it is much different with windows 10 in some important things like driver compatibility because i tried every windows 10 version and it isnt compatible with my graphic drivers (intel hd 4000) but when i did install windows 11 drivers work perfectly, i heard that microsoft did say this will be the biggest update and the lastest windows os, and i agree with it because windows 11 is compatible with everything and is new ui and all, i wish this os will be officialy published by microsoft and you use it like me!

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Hi pr0fix!
I Too own a windows 11 leak on my own personal laptop.
It works perfectly for me, However unlike PC's. It doesent have many external drivers / graphics cards.

On my laptop, Microsoft word, microsoft edge and other products by microsoft ARE supported.

And yes, Your right. Windows 11 is the biggest windows has released for a VERY long time.

As of now where I am writing this comment there is no Windows 11 available and any installation file on the web claiming to be Windows 11 is FAKE and might contains Malwares

In case there is any thing called Windows 11, it will be announced in the Home | Windows Blog 

So only follow information from the official Microsoft website.

Windows 11 is not fake. It is now officially announced. The leak install was indeed a real leak.