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Investigating Cause of Automatic Repair Loop and Best Practices to Fix it

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We might run into issue of Windows 10 failed to boot and it starts Automatic Repair and in background it will run some tasks to fix the issue and collect some log files and normal or good case, it will find and fix the issue and happily boot into Windows and we have log files where we could investigate the root cause. However, there are cases where we ran into Automatic Repair loop and it keeps running and restarting and running and at the end Windows won’t boot up. I also notice that normally it comes with error like failed to boot or missing boot sector and we know steps like open command prompt in Windows Recovery Environment and type commands like sfc, dism, bcdedit , … to attempt to fix it. From my own experience when Automatic Repair is not able to fix it usually our manual command won’t work (in some cases actually it does) and once we do all steps and it didn’t work, we need to find or download Windows 10 installer and run repair and if it didn’t worked, then we need to reinstall Windows and this is something I really don’t like and is the last resource.


I am opening this discussion to check have you faced this issue with Automatic Repair loop and windows failed to boot?


How did you fix the issue? (any method other than reinstalling Windows)


Did you investigate what caused the problem?


Did you take any action to prevent this from happening in future?


Please share your best practices.

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