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installing a program that works in Windows 10 Version 21H1 onto another computer running Window

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I am trying to install a program that works in Windows 10 Version 21H1 onto another computer running Windows 10 Version 20H2 but after the attempted install, I only get a momentary flash on the screen of the same picture I get when the program opens as it should on the Windows 10 Version 21H1 but then the program can't be found on the computer running Version 20H2. I've actually tried this on two computers running Windows 10 20H2 and get the same response. All of the computers are running Windows 10 x64 and all are on HP Envy computers. Is there any way to install a program that will work on the Version 21H1 perfectly but won't install on the Version 20H2? I can't get an updated version of the program as it is no longer available but it is very important to me. Thanks.

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Hi Raggmopp,

May I ask what is the name of this application and are you not able to download it from the website?

Thank you :)



Thanks for replying. The application is Micrografx Picture Publisher which is a photo editor, graphics, drawing program originally put out by Micrografx, bought by Corel, rights transferred to Microsoft, but no longer available except some of the old software packages are out there for resell. I bought one from England but couldn't get it to install on anything from the CD I received. I have a HP Spectre computer with Windows 10 X64 Version 21H1 that it works on fine and a HP Envy (loaner from HP while my new HP Envy x64 Version 20H2 is being repaired). I think it works on the HP Envy loaner because I took an image of the HP Spectre and put it on the Envy loaner, so really I'm running a version 21H1 on it, but I've tried it on my new HP Envy Windows 10 x64 Version 20H2 and on a friend's HP Envy Windows 10 x64 Version 20H2 and on both it doesn't install. I would prefer to run a more current version of Windows, rather than imaging the Version 21H1 on it, but this is a program that I use regularly and nothing else out there works like it does. On the Version 21H1, I have it running in compatibility mode Windows XP, SP2, but when I try to install it on my or my friend's computer with Version 20H2, I get nothing but a flash on the screen.

I've trieddownloading Otvdm but can't get it to install after extracting the zip file, I tried every install listed and just get no response. Tried clicking on the otvdm.exe folder and got "Error: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe is a winew executable file." Then tried installing otvdm from the AppVeyor page, but after extracting and clicking install, get "Install Error, The system cannot find the file specified."

Some instructions told me to press the Windows key +R, enter "optionalfeatures," expand "Legacy Components" but only get an option of "Direct Play" rather than NTVM that I was looking for.

I'm at a loss what to do next. I've tried to follow the instructions on every option I can find, but no success. Part of the problem is that I'm a novice, so don't understand all the instructions, it has to be pretty basic for my knowledge level. Thanks.




May I ask the version number of it, I did find this one does it work for you?

Is it aboulstley necessarily you need this program and not able to find alternatives?


The version that's on my older W10 v21H1 x64 computer and the HP Loaner is a Version 10 Pro 2021, but the disk that I bought from UK is an older 1996 version. Neither will run on the W10 v20H2 x64 computers. I did download from the link you gave me, but those files don't contain an executable program, both their downloads are just clip art images.

I spent all weekend trying to install otvdm/winevdm which is suppose to allow me to run 16 bit programs on a 64 bit computer, but wasn't successful. I may have to take our laptops to a computer repair shop and see if he can get it to work. There is really no other program out there that will do the things the original Micrografx one will do. Corel bought it and "improved" it so it no longer functions the same and wants $250 a year for me to use it. I tried their trial and they really ruined the program. As of now, I'm dead in the water. I'm suppose to get my new HP W10v20H2 x64 laptop back from HP repair tomorrow and guess I'll take it to the local repair shop to see if he can get the program installed.

Thanks for your interest.

Maybe it's just the program is too old to run on Windows 10, maybe find a 2nd hand old computer with a old OS that works with it? Not sure, maybe try contact Microsoft Support or your local tech repair.

Sorry, I can't be of more help :(


It will run on Windows 10 v21H1 x64, but not on W10 v20H2 x64 which is the latest version. I might be able to revert to the previous but I'm not sure what security updates I would be giving up if I did. I think my best option is to get someone who can figure out how I can run a 16bit program on a 64bit computer running version 20H2. I'm pretty sure there's a way, I just don't know what it is. All the help sites on the internet rarely distinguish between the versions, so I haven't been able to sort it out.

Thanks for your try.

So it will run on the newer version but not the older one?


No, just the opposite, it will work on the old Windows 10 21H1 version but not on the latest Windows 10 20H2 version.

I had considered trying to revert the 20H2 version back to the old 21H1 version, but not sure what else it would mess up, if anything, and don't know how to do it.

HI Raggmopp,
I am a bit confused as 21H1 is the newer version, not the 20H2, please provide Windows 10 version number.

To roll back Windows 10, click start menu, type roll back then click the settings option then press roll back. If its; not able to roll back means it's past the 10 day limit!

Have a wonderful day!

No, 21H1 is the older version, 20H2 is the latest version.
It's got to be way past any 10 day limit, the computer has been at HP repair since before Christmas. I just got it back, but they showed a problem with it that wasn't the problem and it's locked me out so I can't use it and they obviously didn't fix it - back it goes to HP repair.
Hey @raggmopp

Was this program requiring a license key to activate wondering if we could do a fresh install of the 21H1 version?

Also modifying the registry so that it will stay on that version until the issue is fixed,

Thank you
No, the program doesn't require a license key. I don't know how to do a fresh install of the 21H1 Version. I don't know if Microsoft is going to ever fix the issue. The new Windows 10 version 20H2 has seemed to mess up several programs that I've been able to use in the past. I don't even want to think about upgrading to Windows 11. Every time I've updated I wound up with more problems than it helped.
Hi @raggmopp

I would like if you can to backup all of your files first then kindly download the ISO File from this archived website.

After you complete the setup, you press the "Keep Nothing" option then it will restart your computer and reinstall Windows 10.

After that you may use this guide to stay on 21H1 so Windows doesn't upgrade you to the broken veriosn.

I hope this helps, also a lot of programs will start to break sooner or later as Windows gets modern. So, the best way is to stay on this old version also noting that this version will soon be out of support.

Thank you :)


***Please note these are not official Micorsoft websites but seem to be providing guide info, make sure to create a restore point before messing with registyr.



Thanks for the info. I can't actually follow your instructions yet as I've had to send my computer back to HP repair for the third time. Think I'm going to ask that they just replace the computer rather than trying to repair it another time.

I do appreciate your help and your time, thank you.

HI Raggmopp,

I dont' see how a new computer will fix the issue as it's a software related issue except you have tested it on another computer that works?

It would be best to test if they can install your program on their computer, are you able to give me the installation file so I can check if everything works?


I agree a new computer won't solve the issue of not being install Micrografx, that isn't the reason I've been returning the computer to HP repair, everything from a large dark area on the screen to other mechanical issues. This computer has just been a nightmare, bought it in July and had issues constantly since then, did a factory reset before I started sending it back to them. If Micrografx would install on my friend's identical computer, I would just say it's a problem with this computer, but it appears to be the Windows 10 version issue on both of them.
Yes, I can install Micrografx on their computer, but I had taken an image off my other older computer with the old Windows 10 version and loaded it onto the HP loaner, so I'm running their computer with the old Windows 10 version. I did that because I didn't want to have to set their computer up from scratch so I could use it. I've had their loaner since October of last year when I first sent my new computer to them.
Wow, that's a lot of stuff going on with it. It would be best to sell the computer for parts on eBay, then get a new computer :)

Have a wonderful day!