I see number of problems with Microsoft Store in Windows 10

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I see a number of problems with Microsoft Store in Windows 10. But by doing below stuff, you could improve your product.


1) Multiple instances cannot be opened. But this is not important, if you make other things fine.
2) No easy way to see a full-screen video. I'm sure if you provide a full-screen option or button, your downloads will increase.
3) When we click on the Install button on the Web Browser, it is, in turn, opening Microsoft Store locally, it should not happen. When the install is clicked on Browser, it should download on the most active Windows 10 device. I have ideas for this.

4) Add the Install button on the Index or home page itself, this will increase the downloads.



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Hi, we could do the number 3 before, but now that i'm checking i don't have it, store opens instead..

on some games i can install them from the browser, but on others i can't. not sure what's the pattern here. either developers allow that functionality or Microsoft does it.