Hyper-V Default Switch using Wifi-Adaptor as internal Network

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Hello Community, 

Really, I would like to use Hyper-V instead of Virtualbox or VMware Workstations. It is a mostly good integrated solution and form my uscases more than enough.


BUT, since the Windows Update to build 19042 ther's a Default Switch integrated in Hyper-V and it's doing something realy stupid. 1. It occupies the Wifi-Adapter and 2. its using it for the "Internal Network". So the ideas of that default switch ist good, but why must it use a pysical network adaptor? And why is it impossible to change the settings?


I tried lot's of things but in the end Hyper-V is unusable for me. Because I can eithter start Hyper-V or work with my laptop. In my case it's using the WiFi-Adaptor and when I start Hyper-V the Host-System is losing access to the net. And again you cannot change the settings becaus its all greyed out even when I start it "as admin".


Has anyone a solution for that?


Normaly it should be easy to implement this optional or left it adjustable, but in my case Hyper-V is corrupting my network settings and makes big problems for the daily work.


Thanks in advance for your help

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I also have a WiFi network adapter but the default switch doesn't stop the connection of the host when guest VM is started.

I don't use the default switch usually. I make a new External virtual switch and connect That to my VMs, again the host keeps its internet connectivity at all times.

default switch is also grayed out for me but that's okay, it automatically choses the network adapter that has Internet.

just make a new External virtual switch and connect your physical network adapter to it.
then assign that External virtual switch to your VMs.