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How to uninstall Windows 10 Pro Windows Mixed Reality optional features?

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Hello Windows 10 Tech Community,


I would like to get some questions answered related to Windows 10. For full disclosure, I have recently addressed this question to Microsoft Assure tech support and received their response which didn’t make 100% sense to me. Thus, I am going to see if there is any additional insight/clarification from the tech community.


Background information:

In Windows 10 Professional version 1903 OS build 18362.592, in Settings > Apps > Apps & Features under Optional features, there is an optional feature named ‘Windows Mixed Reality – Adds support for Windows Mixed Reality – 3.64 GB’. See attached file ‘windows mixed reality.jpg’.


When I click on the ‘Manage’ button of the previously mentioned figure, it does nothing. I have not installed Windows Mixed Reality on my HP OMEN laptop but if I click on the ‘Mixed Reality Portal’ Start Menu item (see attached file ‘mixed reality portal startmenu app.jpg’),


I get the ‘Windows Mixed Reality – Get started’ screen (see attached figure ‘windows mixed reality get started.jpg’).



I would like to know how (if it is possible) to UNINSTALL the Windows Mixed Reality Optional features which are apparently taking up 3.64 GB of my solid-state drive, which is now over 50% filled up. Microsoft Assure tech support attempted to uninstall the Mixed Reality Portal using the PowerShell and it did work, but it apparently did not affect the Windows Mixed Reality Optional feature installation. Nor did it affect my ability to ‘Manage’ these optional features. I was informed that this 3.64 GB could not be uninstalled to free up more space on my SSD.


I don’t understand why Microsoft would allow a user to uninstall the portal (which enables the full installation of Windows Mixed Reality) but not allow a user to uninstall the Windows Mixed Reality optional features which apparently take up 3.64 GB of SSD space? Are these optional features in fact not uninstallable? Do I need to fully install Windows Mixed Reality before being able to fully uninstall it (including the optional features)? Do I need to modify the registry to allow management of the Windows Mixed Reality optional features as described in websites like and

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards, @CAW3.

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