How to send Toast Notification to all PC

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I want send Toast Notification to all during user work in PC (not open ToastNotification when logon) .I search then easy use azure notify hub but need has account dev microsoft to register app .Here I only want use all pc windows 10 on on-premise and want when need will can notification to all pc (example in working incident web or server then can immediately notification to user to know) .please any one has solution suggest help me

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By toast notification you mean the normal notifications that appear on Windows 10's aciton center?

@HotCakeXyes  , the same as below


There are various online servers that can do that, Windows 10 alone on its own can't generate push notifications if that's what you're looking for.
you need to use either Microsoft's servers (Azure) or 3rd party services

@HotCakeX: Yes, we can build one server internal and all pc can connect to it , please suggest way do that .Thanks

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any on-premise push/toast notification servers at the moment