How to fix error 108 in Q.B Online?

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I'm encountering error 108 in QBO when trying to connect my bank account. This error typically appears due to messages from my bank that require my attention, such as new terms or security notifications. I've tried refreshing the bank connection, clearing the browser cache, and using a different browser, but the issue persists. Could someone provide detailed steps to fix error 108, address any pending bank messages, and ensure a stable bank connection in Q.B Online?

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Hi @LucilleJWoodley 


Make sure that the website of your bank or other financial institution is not preventing communications in order to resolve Error 108 in Quick-Books Online. Visit the website of your bank, look for any notices or alerts, and respond to them. Next, restart your bank connection to update Q.B Online. Try disconnecting and rejoining the bank account in Quick-Books if the difficulty continues. To fix any short-term problems, you should also delete the cookies and cache from your browser. If issues persist, get in touch with Quick-Books support for more help.


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