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How to add a remote LAN user to a computer and make an auto-log on to it on windows 10 pro

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I have two computers with Windows 10 Pro, let's call my main computer "host" and the secondary computer "potato", ok?

On the host, I have two users, one for local use and the other only for when I turn on potato, which accesses the host through this other user.

I configured potato to autologon on the user that I have configured on it and to automatically start the remote connection with an .rdp file on the second host user, because I use potato only on remote connection with host.

The problem is that every time I turn on the potato, I need to wait for it to go through the entire internal logon process on its user, wait until opens its explorer, wait potato remember to lunch the .rpd file, and only then it makes logon remotely on the host user.

What I would like to do is add the second host user directly to potato, so that potato will log on directly to the host user, without having to go through his internal user. And so that the potato user's explorer is not running at the bottom of the MSRDP.


I did a lot of research this week, and I had no success in accomplishing that feat. And as far as I can tell, apparently, the only way to make that is with host running Windows Server.

So my question is:

  • Is it possible to add this host user remotely to potato using Windows 10 Pro?
  • If this is not possible, would anyone have a better solution on how to make potato a remote access hub (basically a thin client) in a better way?


Thanks, everybody!

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