Help me to start my pc

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Hey, I'm try to start my computer but I can't startup. When I pressed my pc's power button, fan and lights are working but, mouse and keyboard is not working (power is not sending to mouse and keyboard). My monitor also not working. Monitor says "monitor going to sleep"



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Sounds like a hardware problem. Kindly check all hardware connections, especially cables should be connected properly.
Check with your Driver updates.
Remove the CMOS Battery, probably placed on top of your Motherboard, reattach it, and see if it fixes the issue.
Remove Powercord for 30 mins, pop it back in and see if it fixes the issue.
Switch your PSU. Power Supply Unit converts AC to low-voltage DC that your computer’s internal component needs. Therefore, if it has malfunctioned, none of the external devices with work.
If you are not able to fix the issue, try boiling the error down to a single component by removing every removable part such as the extra Hard Drive, RAM. Many users were able to fix the issue by replacing a RAM.

Sometimes RAM leads to such issues.