Free Tier of OMS for Education use of Windows Analytics

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I work in K12 Public Education and we are unable to use the free tier of OMS because we can't use a credit card to sign up. Therefore we are unable to use Windows Analytics to assist in our Windows 10 rollout. We are also unable to get any licensing guidance from our reseller we are forced to go through because of state contract. Are there any plans to make it easier for education institutions to start using Windows Analytics?

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Hi Ryan. Thanks for raising this. The credit card sign up page is a challenge for lots of organizations. The crux is that OMS is an Azure resource, and so requires an Azure subscription (even if used in a way that doesn't result in charges). You can avoid the credit card scenario by gaining access to any existing Azure subscription that your organization might have or could obtain. For example organizations may have or obtain Azure subscriptions as part of an enterprise agreement, or on the basis of a P.O. billing structure. If I can find a contact who knows more about the best ways for EDU orgs to get Azure subscriptions I will respond to the thread.