FPS drop or Stutter after every 1 min because of background wallpaper settings.

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Check my thread for more details: https://community.amd.com/thread/243194

Issue Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6CS8GTBLU0&t=37s (Notice at 0:42, 1:42, 2:42, 3:42 time)


During the gameplay, any game mostly FPS game, it was observed that FPS drops after every 1min(that is from 250 in CS: GO it dropped to 80-90 for 1 sec and the come back to normal 250 or so). I tried everything like any other user. Tried changing my hardware, updated drivers and changed many setting, etc. blah blah blah. But, none of that helped me even a professional person was unable to solve my problem. After 4 months of struggle, I found the issue that is very common and because of this PC suffers from a performance issue.


I was using 25-30 wallpapers and changed my Background settings in the Personalize section. I turned on Shuffle and wallpaper change after every 1 min. Because of that, I was getting that FPS drop issue, which means while playing the game, whenever Windows changes the next wallpaper automatically after 1min, it was observed that OS encountered a sudden stutter and FPS drop for 1 second for a moment and then FPS comes back to normal. This is not just my PC, I have checked 3 other gaming PC's and found the same issue on every system. Combination of AMD/Intel CPU's + Nvidia/AMD GPU's etc. I tried everything and found the same issue on all 4 PCs. 


So, my point is can you please fix this issue as I love to keep my wallpapers changing. Please give a new update for this because it was not a problem before. I think a new Windows 10 update in early 2019 started this issue.


I hope this will reach many gamers who are encountering the same issue while playing FPS games like CS: GO, PUBG, Apex, Dota 2, etc.


Solution: Keep 1 wallpaper for your background.

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I have this very same issue, actually had my GPU replaced before I seen this thread.


Now I've taken it off auto-rotation, no more pauses. 


Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

I would recommend you to send this feedback through the Feedback Hub app in windows 10 with the diagnostics attached to help Microsoft Team resolve your problem.

@SanketSonu I was also having this fps drops issue and I couldn't find the cause.


Now that I have set the desktop background to a static image, the problem is not happening anymore.

It worked!


Hope it gets fixed by MS anytime soon.



Hi @SanketSonu  


Try this: 


Uncheck Automatically pick an accent color from my background


Hi @VireC  


Are you for instance referring to my reply? 

Because you replied to someone else and forgot to like the answer.



You are a wizzard!! Thanks for the help. I had exact the same issue..