Follow up - windows 10 update issues and communications

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I recently was transferred to a higher up agent. His response was to use microsoft feedback to explain my issue. I find this unsatisfactory. On top of this, when using the app it crashed while sending the information. Another sign of bad things to come.Important2.PNGImportant3.PNGImportant4.PNGImportant5.PNG

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Feedback hub is an app that comes by default with Windows 10.
more info:

this is the app on Microsoft store in case you uninstalled it before:
I don’t see how this is info is needed. I understand feedback hub. I find that it is unsatisfactory. There NEEDS to be direct communications or at least a Q and A so that users aren’t left in the dust in terms of windows development. Our voices are rarely heard.
The Microsoft support response was to post your feedback in feedback hub app. it looked like you didn't know what it was so I showed you it.
Microsoft feedbacks is Feedback hub app. this is Windows 10 community.
new update
March 10, 2020—KB4540673 (OS Builds 18362.719 and 18363.719)