Files on 365 won't open in File Explorer from Search

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I am not sure if this issue should be posted under Windows or under 365, as the cause is unclear.

do know that this is relatively new, as I have only noticed this a week or so ago and I work with search often.

This is a description of what I experience:

- I search from Window's File Explorer, and receive results

- When attempting to either open or copy the result, nothing happens (including no error message)

- If I go to the file's location and select it without searching - it opens properly, I can copy

- This is true only for files located on OneDrive for Business and on SharePoint Online. For files located in our network and "My Documents" opening and copying from search works properly.

- This is true for all files types saved in the 365 environment - MSOffice (2016), *.pdf, *.gif/*.jpg...

I have tried:

- Other computers - I have logged in on a number of other computers and synced the same sites. Thus far I could not find another computer with this problem, which leads me to suspect that it's a local issue

- Pausing synchronizing gave no joy

- Checking for updates - Updates are controlled by our IT, and sent out with at least a month's delay to the whole organization (not specific computers). In the past month there does not seem to be an update rolled out that could account for this.


Our IT department is itching to reinstall Windows, but understandably I would like to get at the cause (and fix) to avoid this, and to ensure it won't return or pop up on other computers.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


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