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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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File Explorer Crashed and now I've lost everything but the Chrome window that was open...

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This is odd...


Yesterday File explorer kept crashing which was annoying as I was working, pinging lots of emails but was struggling to add attachments because of this issue so I worked around it.


The problem came when later in the day I tried to terminate the programme (years of history tells me this isn't ideal because it's part of the OS) by End Task in task manager.


The whole screen went blank, taskbar, windows start button everything... apart from a little grey rectangle box in the bottom left corner. I clicked it and it was google Chrome which I was able to right click on and restore. So I still have Chrome open but everything else isn't working.


I tried to restart, but even Task Manager is different... It just lists the tasks in one screen and has "end process" none of the other tabs or options. After trying all the keyboard shortcuts and tabbing through windows to see what else I could access I decided to pull the plug and do a cold start.


It has booted up into exactly the same mode. I don't know how to get into safe mode, how to restart. Worst of all I have no idea what version I'm using (10 or 11) I think I'm on 10 as I would not have knowingly installed 11 yet. I did however update the PC yesterday... wonderful...


This is literally a Chromebook now wit no way to turn it off... Can anyone help I'm so out of touch with IT these days and I'm concerned this is quite a problem Thanks in advance for reading. James. 

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