Don't know what's wrong with my computer.

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I've been struggling for months now with my computer randomly blue screening multiple and sometimes multiple times a day. the most usual code I get is "memory_management" but none of my ram sticks or ram ports are faulty according to the memory diagnostic test tool on windows. other frequent blue screen codes are PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, KMODE_EXEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXEPTION. I've tried various different methods for fixing corrupted files, but none have seemed to work so far. methods used are using the SFC log in elevated command prompt, using the DISM tool in windows power shell, trying to repair the corrupted files manually in windows powers shell and trying to use an generated ISO file as a last-ditch effort. if anyone could help me get my machine in working order or have any advice it would be much appreciated. 

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You can try the first option ( update now ) from this link:


Download Windows 10 (

Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try performing a Clean Boot and see if the problem persist?
Have a look at: