Disable PIN request when login with a Microsoft account - Windows 10

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We have a problem in one of our Client workstation. We installed a new desktop and configured directly with the employee assigned Microsoft account (all the rest existing workstations, uses local Windows account).

Now, there is no way to disable PIN request at login, having to Cancel and Omit that process to be available to Login with the Microsoft Account (and its password).

I've disabled PIN login via Workgroup policies, via Regedit and so on. Still, I have that PIN request at login.

How I can disabled this? It must be done from Microsoft Admin account?

Why I need to disable this? When PIN is enabled, there is no way I can access local shared folders (shared from a Linux/Ubuntu 20.04 server) and only works when the PIN login is not enabled.

Without PIN, shared folders access works just fine.

Thanks in advance.

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