Device Drivers Issues

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Hello, I have started experiencing problems with my NVIDIA GPU around 2-3 weeks ago.I am getting code 43 in Device Manager and no fix seems to work.

 I have tried: -Reinstalling the drivers.

                     -DDU'ing the drivers, then installing an older driver.

                     -Installing all the available drivers for my GPU at the current time.

My system specs are: -I5 8250u CPU

                                    -8GB DDR4

                                    -MX150 GPU


There are two things I noticed: 1.Windows keeps displaying weird driver dates. So basically let's say I install a driver released on 5/25/2019, Device Manager will display something totally different.


2.While trying to install Driver 418.91, Windows keeps giving me the VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE  BSOD.(Also, I am almost 100% sure that I had driver 418.91 before, but not the other, newer ones.)



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1. when you used DDU, did you do it in Safe mode?
2. update your Windows 10 to the latest version and do a full and offline scan with Windows Defender. maybe your computer got infected.
3. are you still having this problem with the latest Nvidia drivers?