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Hey so i had a lot of performance issues on my laptop so my friend gave me a custom iso which had a few services turned off i just want to ensure before installing that is it legal(windows is activated)

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Windows10 version 21H2 works great - it has a few PCs with minimal performance and really everything works fine!
Your problem is not proper configuration or outdated applications.
I would never install an ISO where someone changed the code - it's illegal!

Microsoft only recommends you to use official ISO file downloaded from Microsoft's website. Refrain using ISO from somewhere else.

@Kapil Arya i only want to know about legibility of custom iso 


Creator The owner has the copyright - if without his consent someone makes changes and distributes the software, it violates these rights!

but what if i buy the legal activation key
If you buy a key, you will download the software from the Microsoft Store - this will be the safest solution!

@A1 i dunno why u rnt answering my question i dont care about safety i just want to know custom iso is legal or not


If you buy something not from the store (but from a thief) is it legal?
Please answer this question!

bro i guess u didnt get what i asked i paid for windows product key now i want to use a custom iso then whats thw big deal also the usual iso is also free to use


Read with understanding and mark this answer as the best - because it explains everything!

 Microsoft Terms of Use | Microsoft Legal

It's different for everyone
Custom isos are much better since it doesn't have preinstalled bloatware


Nobody knows what code is in ISO that is not certified!

And it's certainly not legal!

I agree there could be a keylogger or something and no one knows but is removing things from the iso file illegal?


If you delete something yourself, it's your decision, but if you start spreading it, it's definitely not legal!
of course I am not a lawyer, this is my private opinion supported by experience.
Best regards.

There is a youtube channel with almost 90k subscribers and in one of his videos he made a script that deletes microsoft components such as microsoft store but the download link is at the description which means that he is spreading it and the video is still not taken down and there are also multiple videos that do the same thing.

In one of the custom isos discord server it says this
This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation, and is only offered under the terms of Fair Use, as codified at Title 17 United States Code, § 107. **By downloading an image, you certify that you agree to Microsoft’s Software License Terms** ( )**, and will use the image for personal, non-profit, research, educational, and transformative use only**. **To continue using the image, you must activate the software with your own genuine Microsoft key**. Commercial distribution is strictly prohibited by law. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

The use of custom software is not without risks, including, but not limited to, spyware, malware, viruses, rootkits, trojans, backdoors, harm to files, the loss of files, the collection of personal data, the loss of profits, and other direct, consequential, special, indirect, or incidental damages. **By downloading an iso, you certify that you, and you alone, are responsible for any direct or indirect consequences or damage resulting from its use.**

[Last Changed: February 26, 2021]

Hi Anshvarma, I believe it should be fine, may you tell me what apps or services are not included? To be able to check if an ISO Is genuine, kindly follow this guide I found at!

"If you would like to verify the data integrity and authenticity of your download, you can follow these steps:

Download the desired product ISO file and follow the installation guidelines.
Launch Windows PowerShell. If you need help finding the location of PowerShell for your operating system, get help here.
In PowerShell, compute the hash value for the ISO file you downloaded using the Get-FileHash cmdlet. For example:
Get-FileHash C:\Users\user1\Downloads\Contoso8_1_ENT.iso
If the SHA256 output matches the value in the below table, for the product that you downloaded, this confirms that the file has not been corrupted, tampered with or altered from the original.
Get additional information on the Get-FileHash command.

Arabic 64-bit 4F0D11A227367B8DE77050DB815333BFD977BF329A03397631FA35F65B43A1E6
Arabic 32-bit 7971863921A0A0B241087823350BF7682004B376C2ABE2C8C07A58F1CB10F233
Bulgarian 64-bit 62F02B0B197A7D0E9C58372F8EC898317B2D3ED086A7CEAC6506BEE2EA443547
Bulgarian 32-bit 36AFB0E672F50CE346573931BACD1ED80A1200B0DD4CF3B613E6D5DA6090747D
Czech 64-bit 78E285CC361E02E17172F259B92D31A58476C2103B8DC1CDA0DE15E26CA2C569
Czech 32-bit 7794D6EB2A54155141F8CC5A0FFE7B03B4E884FC87E73008A4CD8909818CE732
Danish 64-bit BFE2A43C9ACF87B8F97323F1A6A8153A359425E5801443BF3E7DB50A76F4B125
Danish 32-bit 2F7CFD9CC394335DFD230FBCDEAA474B1F5840A8A9704C99F74CABFCFB5CC847
German 64-bit 53B160D0B34AEC937D9F23DA2A0E66B4786EE07DF8D34EE716C9CA8A968523AB
German 32-bit 5CB5E6C86D27088D08019C3E4DB3AAE90A585507B1D2E66496B2CCA76A4A92B8
Greek 64-bit 56AA3592BD23EC5E640100AF6AEDBD44ED6320921C430CB84DFC4E85C328BEB7
Greek 32-bit CEEC70FA6AC3448F1B5FAE7094A2FEEC15535EB719AA16BFEA01FEACA447528F
English International 64-bit 06FD4A512C5F3E8D16F77CA909C4F20110329B8CDD5AD101E2AFC0D58B06D416
English International 32-bit B86123A5801974C35988C50F8C13F619516DD58E3A236E76F9EBB8570BF59DFB
English 64-bit 7F6538F0EB33C30F0A5CBBF2F39973D4C8DEA0D64F69BD18E406012F17A8234F
English 32-bit 31C0CE969DEEF08E0031A95EB5C0D639B9649ADB67842FEA373308D0F86C5131
Spanish 64-bit F240F1AE1F5738E50301E7DABEEBB2B4EF11FA0B9DD7DA1475A7ADF27A4BE4A7
Spanish 32-bit EF6CC6A033C26D6EDFF35F33F0AAB1A03C11BAB5C816E2B5984E893055B6F130
Spanish (Mexico) 64-bit E89D184F57D7CBE768FC2097FA694A21EAA5E2A50BD63253E378FAAA87E1AB86
Spanish (Mexico) 32-bit B9D67DDD0F440B20AEC49CB54BEFD82C735CA345B3B1B645EBC7435C5B130B15
Estonian 64-bit 111AAC51579E2368D13F25E869CD241EAF794204DA453374527598F22BA4ED15
Estonian 32-bit FBC348C13FB1055B42ECFB31F4FC6A3F5968BC0E87354826B4F329E5034013AA
Finnish 64-bit 260C992682BD2CDE3CA8D0367FB591B43C8073C7E6454FA94F3B2C7DA27D193A
Finnish 32-bit 4DD0B1117C82164AF93D26024E25A9EF5536F4AF2171583F13BF7563C740E2BC
French Canadian 64-bit 22722E95744A413DD682F913B5EB85500309B212D5EC4BCAE17040A4156E040B
French Canadian 32-bit 8CC58D217531BC6B2569B832788555164AAD80C8B938927065D72A95915C9E1F
French 64-bit 2CC9731EE278666A632BDF5944105FC5F215F59CED98D75AECCF8185BD5BCA3A
French 32-bit ECA9CC34B5E679B3B286451428025A8140EAD85D81E9B927E17B9F305F2C2DD5
Hebrew 64-bit 1FC30B2F7621BDFBB84E0440BF926E6E7E804C7ABFC17851712DE742832FD031
Hebrew 32-bit A7D7F0A43E2D35C9EB2B2A37EF51A7547988F694D1073AD51D4F36E243C0F410
Croatian 64-bit 4ABB027ACEEE31F27732D3860C6FE781A37E9FF6394F908A4E0501326DABEFEC
Croatian 32-bit EE09A62E8BAD55EC643E17DB869DB3069E00387F7934228296DEE2212DCC80C9
Hungarian 64-bit 10C53457381DB1560AE689CDA53699CC30BFD227E19F9F62700702A7AD64E5B1
Hungarian 32-bit C1E2FB61A7B117757831094530519FCD361718C69B34E6F1ED0B32C99C3BA2FE
Italian 64-bit 8B86CBC4B729DCAD454599DD2BFE2B014E0D190BA317EF4B068F37358862A008
Italian 32-bit 472A0879BD19F9536045B1CDC65A9F5AC257C735577B9FFDF99AFD427423E242
Japanese 64-bit 5AD8F5A08465C08C2026FCD572416CADB4F7031893F2A2DE5A9B727AC3A0936D
Japanese 32-bit B1ADC3262AF06C76C0EF250B7548B0959F76B005C79440C454EE2E8E0FE72FC4
Korean 64-bit 28D50B5B9E794ADEEDE043AF93D8A4ED9D07BE27D7E20BD6A3C9F91A8D4E822D
Korean 32-bit 6411B5AF90025CE5AFDDBE48013245C09A2BF1FAC35C351D494256E51134DFE2
Lithuanian 64-bit 37E75FDA64969BC301CE37442D9BD28ECEFECEAB6EA683D489707E354FD8141B
Lithuanian 32-bit 2E5EFEB13FA8EE2D7CAC635EDED9891F02ED7431CC85D0E49E12DAFD5EADA703
Latvian 64-bit 295A17FE98151A56EA13C7C1AA2EF665ABDCC1C5A5E1C117DF15D22532CE0DE6
Latvian 32-bit AF74A67BB8B0BEEFC0F7C7941E7E7AAB912E6CB29DEDEA6C40F22A4A9D157D97
Norwegian 64-bit 8F59B4F6B1F6B4BB117C4F90D2F2C0B695C3F1595F008E095DA06A67647C174D
Norwegian 32-bit CAC596B7E1DE041FEDFD0ECD71F85B64500D38963CBF326837A059A4B780085B
Dutch 64-bit F1E2CA1BA00E436F687C48BFCE89BD668123210CFE9BA4CC10B544874A58699A
Dutch 32-bit 282E349122898AE778543991A3BF8F2F75CC78FFC6E9C4A8BCDCAB3B48BE4A5D
Polish 64-bit B82213C3A4720646672987EDFB7815AD88DA7899DF685A87BB0FBCF18B5AECFD
Polish 32-bit C850CE4FA59B57933C513104917FC9DAE76C3312B06C0C9F9955448576FE0500
Brazilian Portuguese 64-bit FF36B7B509ACE96EF23BFF849AE9B97BC544FB5AB55FF2D7CC5A270338E40156
Brazilian Portuguese 32-bit DCDDBA93209AD0C063BED35E45101B9BF4D0F790EB300DC4571B205D56912CE0
Portuguese 64-bit 9AB9CA70D922E11A9524E80DF668448E068D5C5B63177E9436C9123A9A7E6CA5
Portuguese 32-bit 57EF66FBB5DB7612ED30CF09224D1677A63019CE6D6F59BC8DA550B5C5BA3678
Romanian 64-bit 0734D83A65A4F7D2583B6A7836AB4BBF5FA20448E09E63EB8240B1203720AEEC
Romanian 32-bit 319B0E8B85765B2AECC6CDA4462E3ECB82D4A3BFB655307674B78C761D852423
Russian 64-bit DB12E2E2595ADC2607BDC7011C4F1C92A815C3007A098715E57454B353F6C1E2
Russian 32-bit 8191C860B03A7D03580359DD542E8A7D4CB2A4ED2D7A298EE081E67F1A7D201A
Slovak 64-bit BF2AE605BA68994E7979AE5776D6886BE0E9110A5E870A628B8E6B156C2C55FE
Slovak 32-bit 20C53FC19779491F972431E13F432FC9906BE71C5E01910FF88AEAD958A77F91
Slovenian 64-bit 668841775C1BEECC6B1137224D137687088CCC26B28CDEB276B48B5600739AE7
Slovenian 32-bit 6172C4690E3DDE190B556A8DED901E9D8DAE6A56EBF9C5CD694AFC777C7C5767
Serbian Latin 64-bit 25446DA4A342BF0DEF1070F47586879A8805CC17399817826758B2AFE5AB5949
Serbian Latin 32-bit 189A5BAB3456200F116C6530340A9D040055E10775D0A3FF82912D0F0B1B5ECA
Swedish 64-bit CE1970E3C48DD75CA3C256EEA8C7A67835EB212A634EB94E9531B2B7DE2C33C4
Swedish 32-bit E7CCB72C6AD46227863825C61CFA581FD062B6B4E5AD8834EA44CE23CACA130F
Thai 64-bit 570E1879D0CA69077F4ECB9EA7B2954DA86422F5B564E567DD89FAC54EBF5C62
Thai 32-bit E5CD978103130CF90C40C393E27181CCABDC503E2AC8AA818C1A2787CCA2D8B9
Turkish 64-bit F0FAD7AD30712E3EC54E86CFD27B7D74C0D826A493C93FDCCB721569FC5EEED3
Turkish 32-bit E4D58F6B89C9391BDAF31157E6CD7008634717EE6BB82FC096ABFCD119A46939
Ukrainian 64-bit 39F9B73A6918B982114C21A4252B4A2D5A565FD1C964FE0D238899A533091133
Ukrainian 32-bit A8C7C146095EF398C3D6CB9BED214EFCDAC335FFC536B0FFA1ED7BE11DC72FD1
Chinese Simplified 64-bit 1BC4224DAD6AD37847990EE4B153530EE5620AAA398C7F16A25DA018024153E2
Chinese Simplified 32-bit E763A26D1B7C3540C5865636CB6FF008089A630EF407A595A8F2F6316F6FBEBA
Chinese Traditional 64-bit 4FA57CB4F61F071938EE592786794FF9F7A050E3C1A3A99B7052282C2914D6F0
Chinese Traditional 32-bit 209040E83F40629F102DF41BE0AD76136A16CB2BC0FE188A181939B427589CEC


Unfortunately, this method does not and does not guarantee that iso is completely safe!
I am waiting for feedback from Microsoft employees - after all, we are in MTC - this is an important topic and should be clarified!

I see, that makes sense, though they could just go to and ask the support agents if it is okay though the answer would be to go to To get the geuine ISO.