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Hey so i had a lot of performance issues on my laptop so my friend gave me a custom iso which had a few services turned off i just want to ensure before installing that is it legal(windows is activated)

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Windows10 version 21H2 works great - it has a few PCs with minimal performance and really everything works fine!
Your problem is not proper configuration or outdated applications.
I would never install an ISO where someone changed the code - it's illegal!

Microsoft only recommends you to use official ISO file downloaded from Microsoft's website. Refrain using ISO from somewhere else.

@Kapil Arya i only want to know about legibility of custom iso 


Creator The owner has the copyright - if without his consent someone makes changes and distributes the software, it violates these rights!

but what if i buy the legal activation key
If you buy a key, you will download the software from the Microsoft Store - this will be the safest solution!

@Andrzej1 i dunno why u rnt answering my question i dont care about safety i just want to know custom iso is legal or not


If you buy something not from the store (but from a thief) is it legal?
Please answer this question!

bro i guess u didnt get what i asked i paid for windows product key now i want to use a custom iso then whats thw big deal also the usual iso is also free to use


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