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Custom WIM Image - "Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms"

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Hello, I made a custom WIM image to install Windows 10 and put it in a Windows 10 ISO image in the sources folder. The WIM file is completely valid (I can see it in 7-zip) but the installator of the ISO image gives an error: "Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation.".

I have searched solutions on the internet and found out that my VM might be the problem. I'm using VirtualBox and people on internet says that removing any floppy disk attachment to the VM makes it works again, but I have nothing other than a virtual 20 Go disk and my ISO file as a virtual CD/DVD disk.


Any solutions to this ? Thanks in advance.

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@Alabamatom1963 I don't think my VM is the problem as a normal Windows installation works, but I modified the WIM file and maybe I messed up with the license, I don't know where it is stored, but if it's in the WIM file, then I would like to know its path to see if there's a problem there. Thanks.