Cumulative update KB5003214 fails to install

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Hello Good afternoon Everybody ! Well unexpectedly ONCE AGAIN Windows cumulative update windows 10 version 21H1 build 19043.1023 failing to install after multiple attempts. This means this is the 4th update in last 3 months that causing severe headaches to Microsoft Users. Just 2 Weeks ago I moved front 20H2 to 21H1 and it went successful but then again the problem starting coming out of nowhere. Shout loud if you have been facing the same issue as I have been facing for quite sometimes now. Cheer Pals


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Hello @Jauhar,


Can you share us the error code/message received while installing the update?

Also, try installing KB5003214 manually via Update Catalog, see if it works:


Hope this helps!




I would just add that this is an optional update - preview and should not be installed on all devices!

21H1 feature update by default does not require download of optional installations!



So this implementation is more complex!Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-28 174850.png

0x800f0922 is the error code. Nope dear Manual install wouldn't help either because MS updates works on a very simple theory. If it work then mood won't matter whether you update it automatically or manually. This is now quite a problem for the past few months
Hi dear ! I don't understand this language. Could you Please translate this message in English to know what exactly it says. Thanks



The screenshot shows confirmation that I installed kb5003214 properly, but this update will not install automatically in sleep - requires an open computer and power on!

Please do not enforce its implementation if your system language is not yet prepared 

by Microsoft!

Perhaps this is the cause of your problems with the latest Windows updates!





I agree with you that the download from Microsoft is unlikely to fail, and the preview of the update to 21H1 version is not available for manual download!


Installation to a stable version of 20H2 is also going well I'll add a screenshot that confirms it!Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-29 130751.jpg

No I have stopped more attempts to install KB5003214. I have delete everything from Software Distribution folder. Frankly no one has a solution for this nasty fail thing and MS is paying no attention not they're guiding us in order to walk away freely !



That is, you still have not installed the update preview?


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I've also been having headaches running the updates the last few months.  Currrently with the 2021-05 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5003214), when running the update, I would receive the errors when installing that the computer is diagnosing problems and running repairs.  It then reboots and scaps the update gives me 0x80004005 for the error code. Currently running build 19043.899  and Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3740.0.  Tried doing the manual install and of course that was a no go.  @Jauhar 

Nope Not yet because it is not happening after multiple tries !
Hi Dear ! We I am running currently on build 19043.985 version 21H1. The greatest issue is that we haven't found any solution yet and nobody on this huge forum has any solution for the mess not even MS itself. You may visit my profile and a post of mine has been seen by 107K contributors but none of them has any idea about the solution. We all have tried all the available tips and tricks but all went in vain and the issue is still out there !



Try uninstalling unnecessary programs that run in the background and have the highest permissions, probably their operation prevents the closure of all processes to perform the migration of the new version!


I don,t have many apps installed. I keep my PC light always. All I have installed is iTunes and a couple of other Apps. MY PC has 600 GB or more space but I m not into unnecessary Apps and other media files


yes, but sometimes all you need is one application installed not in the Microsoft Store, which during the installation has obtained the highest privileges and its work is not compatible with the common environment


So you can not close its processes to install a new version of Windows preview - this causes the update to be rolled back!



It seems that the build you want to install is in the internal Beta channel distribution and the lack of a registered account prevents installation! 

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