Cumulative update KB5001330 fails to install

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Hello Everyone ! I am getting an error for installing update KB5001330 Windows 10 version 20H2. I have no idea how to fix the issue. I have troubleshooted windows update but it wasn't helpful. I have made 4 back to back attempts to install KB5001330 but failed every time. I am looking for your kind help. The latest update has the same issue we had been facing with KB5000842 in the last two weeks

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Well 1st of all thanks everybody for your kind responses. My post got 40 thousand views within a week.

2nd I have installed KB5001330 but I had to make a fresh windows installed 19042.631 and then it went successful. I believe that KB5001330 isn't doing well and that my PC isn't going smooth so we have to wait for another final fix. I am thanking to all those have contributed and have helped the MS community by placing your precious views here. Cheers Pals -:) 

I have the same issue and I just don't bother updating it anymore because it keeps on telling me it failed to install.


Thanks for the confirmation.  It seems obvious to everyone except Microsoft that they have a significant problem with that particular update.  Perhaps someday they will actually hire some software engineers and fix it.

This worked for me :ok_hand:
Yeah this is getting really stupid now. I paused window updates for 7 days two days ago, just booted my laptop and windows slipped kb5001330 in anyways. Microsoft is really blowing it here. You cannot trust anything they put out anymore or even any hardware that has the name microsoft attached to it, like cell phones. I really don't think they even care that the company's reputation is so horrible, the headaches their messed up updates cause, and the complete CF which is synonymous with the trademark name which is microsoft.

What a mess. I have 4 computers in my household that now can't install or fix any updates. All fail to install and won't let you back it out. It has been a week, and still not sign of a fix from Microsoft. The amount of combined accumulative time people have wasted due to the low quality release should trigger a class action lawsuit. More wasted time due to Microsoft fixing things that aren't broken on my system. 

I would not hold out much hope pf any quick fix. Apparently, Microsoft has known about this problem for months. In fact, 1330 appears to be an attempted fix of the previous one. Because they no longer employ software engineers, they are doing this hit or miss. Mostly miss.
Notice the lack of any response from Microsoft on this thread? They could care less, as long as Bill Gates has enough money to spend $3 billion teaching certain people not to put newborn infants on dirt floors.
You're right dear. MC seems nowhere on this planet. This is sickening and beyond one,s imagination. I didn't see that coming from MS :(

@Faaiqcodeofconduct I’m sorry to say that this version of Windows 10 is unusable and we’ve had to pull it in our organisation. Seems to work fine for a day and then becomes unresponsive the next. Staff spend more time fighting the computer then being productive. I’m hoping the light bulb will turn on in Redmond when take up rates fall. ( Using 20H2 reminds me of Windows Vista).

Hi, @Johnny_Kim ,


I tried to use Your way and  got the following : 

DISKPART> create partition efi size=300

No usable free extent could be found. It may be that there is insufficient
free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset. Specify
different size and offset values or don't specify either to create the
maximum sized partition. It may be that the disk is partitioned using the MBR disk
partitioning format and the disk contains either 4 primary partitions, (no
more partitions may be created), or 3 primary partitions and one extended
partition, (only logical drives may be created).


What's wrong ? 


Thank You in advance

What's wrong?
"DISKPART> create partition efi size=300"

There's not one single thing in that message that makes any sense to anyone other than a software coder! It's as if you had to be an electrical engineer to turn on your TV!
That kind of message should have gone out with DOS!

"DISKPART" it's low level OS utility and should be used only by person who understand disk partitioning and the OS on administrative level, otherwise it can be harmful. You may accidentally damage your partitions and lose all your data. I suggest stay away.


I have this very same issue, I cannot install KB5001330, it gives me error 0x800f0922.


Does anyone know if there is a fix that does not involve installing a new windows 10 or changing my partitions? It's quite absurd that this would be a valid way to install an update.

I have a relatively fresh Windows 10 Home install (a couple of months) and I'm stuck at this update for already a week. It keeps re-downloading the update and fails during the installation at 100% with 0x8007000d.

So far, it seems like nobody cares and the update was not retrackted, fixed, or replaced with a valid one. I wonder if Microsoft engineers bother to read these threads?!?

@Jauhar I have the same issue, this update has wreaked utter havoc on my machine.  It has failed to successfully install at least 4 times now, but then keeps downloading the update again.  The last error code I got was 0x80070005.  I think that is a permissions error, but I am running as administrator. Again today, the update has been downloaded and my machine needs to restart, but I know that it won't be successful. I am at the mercy of Microsoft to send a new update that replaces this one before my machine can work properly again.  In the meantime, I have a machine with almost constant 100% disk utilization that is super slow. I have already reinstalled the OS and still have this issue. Something in this update, or maybe a previous one that fully installed this past week, has corrupted something in my system, but I have searched everywhere I know and cannot resolve it.  So frustrating!

I give up! I have reset my Lenovo PC to factory OEM 3x since January 2021. Yes, the Win10Home copy is legit and activated! Every update since Jan 2021 FAILS MISERABLY! There're a lot of useless or advanced information on these forums to sift through to make sense out of!! Some of them like DiskPart are too advanced for the rest of us to figure out. I don't want to reformat or re-partition my PC with Diskpart and end up wiping out my paid OEM version of Win10, only to turn around to pay more money to purchase a new license to Microsoft who has abandoned us here to fend for ourselves. I finally downloaded "wushowhide.diagcab" and hid all the updates for now, otherwise, about 10x a day they try to download again and update again sucking up my bandwidth & slowing down my system, only to fail again and again!! I've opened 3 tickets with Microsoft but they ignore helping and no one has got back to me! So we're left to post on these forums with a 1000 people chiming in how the updates worked for them giving advice to try this and that to no avail! And here we all are, still on here, in need of help!


I also have the same problem. It is so annoying. It has been a week. I hope Microsoft can solve this problem as soon as possible.
Absolutely ! No a single update has been successfully installed. No matter what you do , how many changes you bring , installation will still be failed. I don,t know how to inform MS directly. They're avoiding the fuss like nothing has happened
Yes, Microsoft and most corporations hide their direct contact info and hide behind an arsenal of volunteer support team who don't have insider information or the technical know-how. I don't think anyone @Pernille-Eskebo reads these forums or their internal support queue emails. I used to be in support, we used to get inundated with 1000's of emails per day, it's very hard to sift through them or read them all. A lot of people who are hired to read them, just filter out or ignore their emails. A lot of media magazines and websites, like PC Magazine, have done plenty of coverage on MS failed updates and you'd think Microsoft would notice, send out an apology letter, and recall the failed updates?! :o

@ERA88 Hello, I wanted to update my situation, as I was finally able to successfully install the KB5001330 update late last night.  As I posted, earlier, I had tried multiple time (4 or more I think) to install this update, and each time it failed at the very end.  I was also unable to pause updates for 7 days (it was greyed out), so the update kept trying to install each time I did a restart.  My Dell Inspiron laptop was constantly running at 100% disk utilization in Task Manager, making everything I did on the laptop very slow.  In an effort to fix this yesterday, I tried many things, including disabling Windows Search and SysMain (previously called Superfetch), changing battery performance to Best Performance, changing minimum and maximum processor state to 100% (in control panel/power options/change advance power settings/processer power management.  I also turned off my iCloud picture syncing.  None of these things seemed to improve the 100% disk utilization.


However, at some point during the day I received a pop up notification that my system needed to restart to install an update.  In all of the previous times attempting to install this update, I had never received this message, and I don't know what prompted it this time.  Maybe the update was running in the background the whole time and finally completed, who knows?  So, I went to restart, and sure enough, there was the option in Start/Power to update and restart, which had also not been there before.  I made sure my files were backed up, and then I did the restart.  The restart went through the process with the blue screen saying that updates were being installed, and it took about 20 minutes, then came up to a black screen for several minutes.  Finally the sign-in screen appeared and I logged in, went to Windows Update, and it said that the update was successfully installed.  I have no idea if any of the changes I did was the thing that finally enabled the update.  Once my laptop was back up and running, it was still at 100% disk utilization.  I turned Windows Search back on, which started the indexing process.  I let that run, it completed, and after about 30 minutes my disk utilization went back to normal (4-5%).  Also, the option to pause updates for 7 days was enabled, so I have done that to allow my machine to stabilize.  I have not rolled back any of the other changes I did (SysMain, etc.).  I hope that this information helps others to resolve their issues.