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I was having some wierd glitches with my computer. I could no longer access the "properties" of any files, run as Administrator or print anything on my desktop from programs such as notepad
and decided to reset my computer. That process failed without explanation as to why and afterwards I could no longer boot into my Windows 10 64 bit home edition.
I then tried to reload with the Dell disk that came with computer. The load got to 94% then failed saying disk was not present. The next attempt declared that I had lost a partition on the SSD drive that houses the Operating System. All my attempts to repair have gone nowhere.
I have since realized there is no Microsoft Key Sticker on the tower, so my Dell disk is useless.
I ordered a new copy of Win 10 Pro.
My question is how do I prompt a format of the SSD drive C: ?
If I pull the SSD, restart the PC shut down the PC and reinstall the SSD, will that prompt a format or is there an easier way? I have not done this for 3 years and unsure exactly what I need to do here to reinstall when the new disk arrives. I have given up on recovering any of my data, I figure that was gone at the failed reinstall.
Thanks, Gary
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What exactly happens now when you start the machine? After manufacturer's logo screen, what do you see?

If you use a bootable USB for fresh install, do you see the SSD partitions to install?

If you've not used bootable USB till now, you must create it using another system to try making clean install with that. While making clean install, you can format the drive first and then install Windows.



If I try to boot from the drive, it eventually tries to repair and always fails.
The restore from Dell is a disk and it tried to install the first time, then failed and would not try again.
I have no way to make a windows 10 bootable drive because the only Win10 computer I have is the one that is broken. I tried to make a bootable media stick on my Windows 7 machine but it kept refusing to download because it was not compatible with my Win7 operating machine.

In that case, I would suggest you to take the machine to nearest computer repair shop and let the technician confirm that drive is not malfunctioned. If the drive is okay, technician can help you to get it formatted, so you can make clean install then. 

Good luck!

Is there a command line I can use that will format the SSD drive C: ? The drive has no problems. The disk I purchased is for a fresh install. When I try to open anything with the DVD drive It gives me the option to use a command line. I prefer to try this first, I have done this with other operating systems, Just not Win 10.
If I disconnect all hard drives except my SSD. Go to CMD. Type in DISKPART. ENTER. Pick the drive. CLEAN. Will that remove all partitions or just clean the space between. Or
Can I just type FORMAT/C: ?
You can probably tell I know just enough to be dangerous. I think I can hurt very little else though if I disconnect all my other drives. I appreciate your help! Gary

@Kapil Arya  I would prefer to do this with your help so I can learn something. Cant I wipe the drive from command line and start over with a fresh install disk?

Hi @glmoore001,


Yes, you can wipe drive using Command Prompt. Also, when you opt for clean install, the wizard gives you option to select and format drive on which you want to install Windows.


If you can access Command Prompt, execute these commands (replace # with actual drive number):



list disk

select disk #


create partition primary

format fs=ntfs


Once succeeded close Command Prompt.