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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Can not print from MS Edge

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I can no longer print from internet sites or pdf files opened through Edge. I have gone through every trouble shooting instruction list in the list posted MS Community pages.


I can successfully print from any other application including all MS365 and professional products with no problems-- I can print test pages no problem. I can print successfully from the same sites I can't from Edge when I am using the Chrome browser instead.


PLEASE HELP-- I never had this problem previously. I would just start using Chrome as my new default browser but I am a Microsoft Employee and would like to stay loyal.


This issue is on my Surface Pro 6 personal device so I can not call the Microsoft Help Desk for support b/c I am not having this problem on my MS issued Surface Book device. The MS Help Desk does not support personal devices.


The printer trouble shooter shows a problem, but it lists all "incidents" as "not detected."


I have tried Cancel All print jobs when I try to print through Edge and it just gives an "error" message, to reboot-- does not help. I have verified I have all the current drivers.


No other print issues with the exception of trying to print through Edge.


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This board is for things related to Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Certifications. I would recommend reaching out on the Windows Community