bluetooth, wireless, touchscreen need included in os

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I don't think windows 10 is walking the right way. Changed the speaker adjust from vertical to horizontal; moving things from control panel to settings. What is in mind, childish!
Recently I got a used tablet, with windows 10 1709, no system recovery. The touch screen is good, but loss bluetooth and display drivers. When I search and tried these drives, the touch screen can't work, can't be calibrated. Then I tried different os, from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 2004, and kinds of drivers, still not working.
I think the os should be shipped with basic, essencial functions, like bluetooth, wireless, touchscreen. These are so important today, we are not in 1990s, need keyboard to install system. Don't let these drivers worrying users. The better os we need is a slim, stable container. Anything should be independent component, like power adjust, backup, control pannel styles, themes. These are users options. Making them app or exe program, let user to choose what to install. This is a better, less bugs, light os, future Windows.

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Hello @nu_jack,


I recommend you to provide your feedback to Windows engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.


Good luck!


I have had this happen several times previously with older Windows Tablets.  The only way I found to resolve the issue was to find the old Windows 7 or Windows 8 driver for the processor chip, and that then reset everything backwards - and Windows 10 would usually work. 


It was a slow and laborious process trying to locate the driver, particularly if the original manufacturer of the tablet had gone out of business, AND if Intel no longer supported the chip.  


1) Try to find the drivers from the Tablet's manufacturer

2) Try Intel or other resources.

3) Try support forums and hobbyists.


It took me about 48 hours to sort out one tablet - it would have been cheaper to buy a new one!


Good luck.