Blue page says "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart".

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I go to a blue page that says "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart".  We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you.  I get a message that it is 100% complete.  Then it says for more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit  At the bottom of the window it says "If you call a support person give them this info: Stop code: PAGE FAULT IN  NONPAGED AREA.  WHAT FAILED: Wdf01000.sys.  Everytime the PC reboots it goes to the same page.  I'm able to hit F2 to get to the Boot window, but that's it.



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Please follow the steps below
Start your computer and as soon as the windows logo shows on or the spinning dots near bottom of your screen press and hold the power button to power off your device.
Repeat this 2-3 times
then you will get a text at the middle bottom of your screen saying"preparing automatic repair"
Then, you may be asked to choose an account to continue. Next, type the password of the selected administrator user account. If you are not prompted for this information, skip to the next step.

Chances are that windows 10 will to try to make an automatic diagnosis of your PC without telling you to select an admin account

In both the cases
you may get"automatic  your PC didn't start correctly" click on the advanced options button Click on troubleshoot then  Follow the path “Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> 6 or F6 to go into “Safe Mode with Command Prompt.”


Then please reply if you still get the same blue screen


If yes then follow the same steps (Start your computer till Advanced options)

then click on Command prompt and type sfc /SCANNOW

wait for a while and then restart your PC

If nothing happens Please contact Microsoft!

also have you backed up your data?

I tried your suggestion, however each time the computer reboots, and I press the power key, I get a black "Dell Security Manager Screen" which requires me to sign in with my Administrator Password.  After I sign in and then press the power key I come back to the same to the same sign in screen.  Also, I don't see the windows logo its says Dell Laptop XPS 15 9550 with a spinning circle.  Is there anyway to recover windows and/or anything else that might be missing or corrupted using the "Boot Menu"? @ShashankDahat 

Probably Your Computer Has A UEFI Boot Don't Worry!!

Could You Please Send A Picture Of The Boot Menu??

Also I Would Strongly Recommend To Get In Touch With Dell Or At Least Microsoft!

Just Hope For The Best!
Also Wanted To Ask If You Have Any Windows Installation Media Like A USB Drive??



Dear ShashankDahat,


Yes, I do have a USB Boot Drive, and I've tried it several times, but it doesn't work.  Here are some screen shoots of what I'm seeing when I reboot the Dell XPS 15 9550.  I always get the "Dell Security Manager Screen" before I do anything (IMG - 5122).  After I sign in it depends on whether I press down on the PF2 or PF12 key which screen I will get. (IMG - 5131) or (IMG - 5130).  If I do nothing after I sign in I get this screen. (IMF - 5127).  After that runs I get this screen. (IMF - 5126).  When I press any key the whole scenario starts over again.  My laptop is out of warranty with Dell and it seems like they are always talking money for help.  Do you think I stand a better chance with Microsoft assistance or Dell?  Also, do you have the contact information for Microsoft?





Seems Complicated
If it's your work laptop please give it your admin.


If not then please contact Microsoft because dell doesn't entertain any people out of warranty

(I also wanted but they didn't give so I reverted to Microsoft)

If you don't get any support from there also please follow the below steps but at your own risk~


Now I recommend a windows clean install which would actually delete your apps and accounts but it would keep all our files in a separate folder at C drive namely windows.old (this method rarely fails)


  • Now connect your USB drive before starting your computer
  • after starting your computer if the password screen opens up enter the password and press F12 You should get the screen like in Img-5131 
  • It should Show Your USB drive's name there
  • By your keyboard's arrow keys please select that key and press that enter key
  • It should now load the windows installer
  • Click on install now
  • select the keyboard language, currency  and time zone
  • click on next  and then click on custom windows install

Now you will have to apply some guess work and some logic too.Your Computer has a 256GB drive out of which the biggest partition should be reserved for your personal use so

  • check the biggest partition
  • and it's free space (it should be lesser than 232GB but that's just a rough idea and it heavily depends what you stored on your computer)
  • That Partition will also be labeled 'primary'
  • ShashankDahat_0-1629257155751.png

    You will get a prompt like this, Click On OK and then On next (if asked for a product key click (I don't have a product key)

    It will Now install windows. This Could Take some 5-10 Minutes.It will now restart and then load all the drivers.

Now you will get the OOBE Setup(this one's quite easy but if you need any help kindly contact me, I will reply as soon as possible but be sure to make it an administrator account)


After you created a account, Open file explorer (WIN+E) and then click this PC on the left navigation panel, You will get your Local Disk C drive click on it.


You will get a folder named windows.old open it, you will get a folder named users there

There you will get all your users account you created before re-installing windows 10.

Click on respective user account which you want to access, there you will get main folders like documents,downloads, pictures etc..

Now simple copy pasting work~

Cut the files from the respective folder(CTRL+X to cut) and then paste it in your downloads,desktops where ever you want into your current account.....

And Voilà! Your Files are back

most of the apps you installed can be downloaded from their websites


Also right-click on windows icon on bottom and select device manager

Look for any device with an exclamation mark like this 


If it is there download the dell support assistant from here Dell SupportAssist for PCs | Dell India and fire it up, then check  for drivers~

If followed the above steps correctly your computer would work as before...


I too reinstalled windows 10 through this way last month because of some updates not installed and the installation through windows also failed so I planned the clean install method and now it works just perfectly fine 


If you want any help please contact me...I am also available on zoom, Microsoft teams, skype and on discord please privately message through click on my profile if you want to get help that way or here it is also good...

I tried to help you to m full extend.. If it doesn't work please go to a nearby dell store because remotely helping isn't always the most effective way


BTW, here the Microsoft  support link, you can chat with them directly Contact Us - Microsoft Support

be sure to describe exactly what happens


I hope your computer gets repaired ASAP, I know that feeling when your computer doesn't work


Thank You

Have a Great day

Shashank Dahat~

Thank you so much, Shashank. I will let you know what happens. Again, thank you!

Thank You,
Fred Surkamp

@Fred_Surkamp_LeroyBoym Did You Clearly Understand Everything?

Your Most Welcome Fred! Just Hope For The Best :)

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I can't remember if I replied to your email, but I want to make sure that I give you thanks and praise for reaching out and helping someone who has little knowledge of restoring or analyzing the problems that can be associated with Windows 10 updates.  In my own opinion, I think Microsoft should do more testing and take ownership of the problems they can create by releasing an update before it's stable on all devices and systems across the board.  That being said after I couldn't get my Repair USB Recovery Drive to work via the System Settings panel (F12) I was able to finally connect through the same panel to the Dell OS Recovery system.  Once I was able to connect via ethernet connection ( a must) I was able to download my personal files to their server and reinstall a new Windows 10 System.  The whole process was quite impressive the way Dell had it set up.  The steps included checking for updates from Microsoft, Dell, and then a download of the personal files they downloaded, and the final step was to do a system check of hardware and software to make sure everything was set to go.  And the kicker was is that I was out of warranty, but they still offered this service.  It would seem to me that Microsoft could offer the same type of customer service that Dell offered me.


Don't get me wrong I'm hanging on to your last message that contained the steps that were successful to you.  I'm sure there may come (another) time when I may need them.


I can't thank you enough for your helpful assistance and persistent instructions on the ways to recover a corrupted or unfixable system through the standard methods Microsoft offers.  You deserve a "Man of the Day" badge for helping someone you didn't even know.  That in itself taught me a lot of things.  More than instructions on how to fix a system, but how to help someone in need without expecting anything in return.


I want to really impress upon you, @ShashankDahat, how grateful and thankful I am for your time and helpfulness.  You are truly a giving and selfless person.  I hope one day I can assist you in some manner.


Thank You,



Well That's Great!! Happy To See Your PC working Again;)
And you're extremely welcome Fred
If you need any help do contact me and is windows running perfectly fine now? have you backed up your files?and did they got restored?

Thank You Have A Great Day Ahead
Shashank Dahat ⟭⟬
Yes, everything is running fine. Everything has been updated by Microsoft, Dell, and Intel. The system has been backed up on a USB Recovery Drive, and also on my external hard drive.

Thanks Again, Shashank!
Dear Shashank,

Pardon me for turning to you as I'm not quite sure how the Microsoft Community works and you were the only person to offer help.

After a few days of everything running fine, I found myself getting strange responses from Windows. It seems to me that it was right after I downloaded 2021-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5005033) and/or 2021-08 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64 (KB5004331).

I had to go back to Dell's OS Recovery program and download all my personal files and reload a new copy of Windows 10. I downloaded the first set of updates, but now I have among others the two I mentioned above. Currently, I'm having problems with my wireless cutting in and out and it may be due to not downloading the remaining updates or those updates from Dell since they require a Restart of the system. I have postponed the updates manually until 9/5/21 so I can get a better understanding if the two Windows 10 updates I mentioned above have had complaints from anyone else. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Fred Surkamp
Could You Please elaborate on the problems you are facing??Also what state is windows on your computer? Is it installed and does it run? Is it installed but doesn't run? or it is just not working? how about your files? are they safe?

Thank You
Have a great day
Shashank Dahat

@ShashankDahat,@ links to members


Currently, the Windows Specification read:

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎8/‎27/‎2021
OS build 19042.546
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0


I'm connected via ethernet because the wireless system kept cutting in and out.  These are the updates pending restart and installation:


1) 2021-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5005033)


2) 2021-08 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64 (KB5004331)


3) Intel Corporation - SCSIAdapter - 7/15/2019 12:00:00 AM -


And here is a list of Driver Installations that may or may not be needed for installation: (See attachment below).  Other than the wireless cutting in and out the system seems to be running fine, but there has to be something causing my computer to crash and the need to reinstall Windows 10.



Fred Surkamp


Optional drivers you can install all - if they are not needed
Update service will update them , or remove.
You probably have installed some outdated program that causes problems - try to remove unnecessary applications .

Hello Fred
When Windows informs that some optional updates are available then that doesn't mean they are necessary...
You have a problem with wireless devices right?
Just download the dell support assist from dell's official website and check for drivers.It will automatically install the necessary drivers..

Thank you
Have A Great Day Ahead
Shashank Dahat ⟭⟬
My PC keeps telling me your device has run into and error, I've tried possible solutions but I still keep getting the message


Hello, the simplest solution is to download the update assistant - it prepares the system for updating and does not change the settings :

  Download Windows 10 (

your device ran into a problem and needs to restart we're just collecting some error info windows 10 in lenovo thinkpad.