Bitlocker for normal windows

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Hey there, i just want to ask a news feature from BitLocker.

For starting i will say i use windows 10 pro so it not asking for a feature i want but really to help Microsoft.


I think Microsoft must implement BitLocker at least a version lite of BitLocker for home user.


Because i think in this age where all other os enforce encryption (mac, iOS, linux, android) now i think it's time to Microsoft to protect their user too.

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Hello @Wittycat


I recommend you to submit your suggestion to Windows engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.




BitLocker is NOT available in Home edition of Windows because encryption is NOT mission critical for home users. Even though they have important data but they are NOT as critical as business. In addition, home users tend to forgot backup and maintain BitLocker keys and in case they lose it, it would be problem for them.

However, as @Kapil Arya mentioned, you may file suggestion in Feedback Hub and as for its support for Home edition of Windows 10.

Yes i will do it, but i think home user must have a bitlocker lite, who lock some ultra sensitive zone (like where microsoft store credentials or onedrive folders ^^
But i will do a feedback