Bit Locker Recovery Key Lost

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I don't ever remember putting a Bit Locker on my surface pro 4 that I purchased in 2017.  When I performed a clean reset of the device because I'm giving it to my brother for college.  It's asking for the key every single time.  I am unable to move forward with the reset because of this.  I have already talked to my old company that I worked for when I requested that I use my personal laptop for work and they claim they don't use Bit Locker.   Need help please.  I've been researching every possible way to find my recovery key but haven't gotten anywhere.  I purchased this from Best Buy in a bundle with the keypad for education.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you Michael

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If I did create it. I may have left it on a file in the hard drive and didn't realize it before I did a wipe.

If you are using your Microsoft Account on the device, you can check your account profile for the key.

I already have. I even was using the command panel to the best of my knowledge to have it show me the password that I set and it just displays the numerical password that I believe is my windows 10 unique identifier.