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Hello. I was using Windows server 2007r2 with 3 hard disk C-D-E. On disk C I proceed to a full installation of windows 10 pro without storing anything from the old installation. Windows 10 works fine but the D and E drives give me an access denied message.

I find a manipulation on the web that makes me add the user (everyone) by giving him maximum disk access. This solution works but I do not think it's very cautious.

Can you help me. ?


Thank you

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I assume you meant Windows 2008R2. But no matter. :) 


Well, by loading a new/fresh OS install to the C: drive you have basically orphaned the D: and E: drives. The reason is that the IDs you create (even if they are exactly the same) are not what authorizes your disk access. There is an underlying token that is created for each user. The D: and E: disks had specific token credentials based on the previous install.  The new install tokens do not match the old tokens and you are then denied access. 


I have run into this problem but my memory of how I fixed it is a little fuzzy. But,... I believe you have to right click on the drive and open up properties>security. You will probably see IDs that are long group on numbers. These are the old accounts from the previous install. Since these accounts do not actually exist, there are no access tokens. They are useless. Remove these accounts and add the new current users and give then the proper access. Be sure to have these account propagate to the whole disk, unless you have special needs for differing security needs. Attached are one of my data disks. You may run into some folders and files that need special attention to remove the old accounts.


Good luck!