What is a driver?


Drivers are the potential causal factors that affect key outcome measures such as, but not limited to, overall employee engagement, a sense of belonging, perceptions of a great workplace culture as well as an employee’s intent to stay with their company.


Viva Glint has carefully selected drivers, rooted in current research on contributing factors most closely affecting engagement, both for their breadth and relevance in the modern workplace. It’s important to also understand that not all drivers have the same impact on engagement. Career growth may be a driver for one team while work-life balance is a driver for another, based on the unique composition of the team and work environment.


Knowing which drivers have a high and very high impact for your group allows you to focus on improving the scores of the drivers that matter most. This can, of course, change depending on the team, location, tenure, and even across different survey administrations.


Help discover what drives engagement at your organization:

  • Viva Glint’s Driver Impact report quickly identifies the engagement dynamics of your organization, helping you focus on areas with the highest ROI
  • Filter and drill down to reveal the unique engagement profiles of specific employee populations and key demographics
  • Toggle between outcomes to discover how drivers impact business outcomes like retention, performance, culture, and customer satisfaction
  • Change between internal and external comparisons to view strengths and opportunities through various lenses

As a Sr. People Science Consultant, understanding key drivers impacting critical business outcomes like engagement, belonging and an organization's culture is a primary topic of discussion as I present survey findings to my clients. These drivers are broken out by key Strengths and relative Opportunities which I then link to specific action planning strategies in efforts to help my clients understand a clear path forward to address the survey feedback.


Within your organization, what are some of the key drivers impacting your employee's overall engagement? (Feel free to provide your company's industry)

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