Shape the future of Viva Glint by joining our product council
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NEW FOR 2024! Viva Glint is launching a product council to listen to you, our customers, to understand your priorities and pain points, and to influence the direction of our product moving forward. Here’s what you need to know: 


What is the Viva Glint product council? Viva Glint’s product council is a unique opportunity for customers to provide feedback and influence the direction of Viva Glint’s products and your experience as users. By joining our product council, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts and ideas with other customers and Viva Glint’s product and design teams.  


Why should you sign up for the product council? 


1. Influence the direction of Viva Glint’s products: By joining the product council, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the direction of Viva Glint’s products. Your feedback will be heard by Viva Glint’s product and design teams and leaders, and you’ll have a direct impact on the future of our products. 


2. Connect with other customers: Joining a product council is a great way to connect with other Viva Glint customers. You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others. 


3. Get early previews of new features: Product council members will have the opportunity to get early previews of new features and provide feedback before they are released to the general public. 


What is the format and frequency of council meetings? Our product council will be virtual, and we will have a calendar of engagements running throughout the year to which you will be invited. Our engagements will include product features and designs we are working on, understanding your journey as a user in more depth or getting your feedback on our measurement models and frameworks. You will have access to the calendar via our Glint product council Teams channel and can sign up for the engagements you would like to take part in. 


For engagements where we require specific feedback on a product feature as it evolves, our ask is that you commit to regular engagements during the development of this feature. This will help us to get regular feedback from a consistent group of customers to ensure we are on the right track.  


How will the product council meetings be hosted? The product council will be hosted through Microsoft's Viva Customer Connection Program, also known as VCCP, to ensure we are adhering to the necessary privacy and compliance requirements. However, we will have a separate Glint ‘neighborhood’ for our Glint customers with our own calendar of engagements throughout the year. 


Do I have to be on Viva Glint or can I participate if I am a LinkedIn customer?  The product features we will be sharing with you will be for our Viva Glint product; however, we welcome Viva Glint customers and those who will be migrating to Viva Glint from LinkedIn.  


I am in! How do I sign up for the product council? To express your interest in signing up for the Viva Glint product council, simply complete THIS application form. The form requires you to specify whether you would like to enroll fully in VCCP (i.e. if you are interested in engaging with Viva-wide product teams) or simply be a part of the Glint product council. Depending on your choice of enrolment we will then send you the appropriate compliance forms to complete.  


If you have further questions, please reach out to your service delivery teams, or email VivaGlintCE@microsoft.comWe look forward to seeing you at a Viva Glint product council meeting soon!


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