Join 300+ Viva customers and impact Viva engineering!
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Current Viva customers invited to join the 300+ Viva customers who impact Viva engineering teams across the Viva Suite 


Microsoft’s NDA Viva Customer Connection Program (VCCP) currently connects over 300 Viva customer organizations directly with Viva product teams, early and often throughout Viva product planning and development.  If your organization is using at least one Viva app, VCCP may be a great fit for you. 


VCCP’s goal? For customers, like you, to provide Viva product teams with honest and actionable feedback engineers can implement prior to product release.  


Customers using at least one Viva app in any capacity are invited to join the NDA Viva Customer Connection Program (VCCP) where their employee experience implementers, decision makers, and influencers from across all lines of business provide unique points of view on Viva products and solutions not yet in market.  


This process, called continuous discovery, brings engineers together with diverse customers throughout product planning and development ensuring that Microsoft builds the right thing, the right way, as quickly as possible, to meet enterprise and small-medium commercial customers’ employee experience needs.  


Viva Customers self-nominate into VCCP and, provided they meet the criteria listed below, join community calls, learn about NDA depth engagements with Viva engineers, and receive a monthly calendar of optional product team-led NDA pre-release engagements, including 1:many calls, focus groups, interviews, private previews, early adopter programs, and early enterprise programs. 


All calls and engagements are optional for customers. Weekly calls are recorded for VCCP participants to review at their convenience. Customers choose to participate only in those opportunities that best match their organization’s unique employee experience strategy.  


The Viva Customer Connection Program serves as a landing pad for Viva customers to learn what Microsoft is working on next. VCCP engages more than ten engineering teams currently working on Viva and it is the only NDA program to bring Viva customers and Viva engineers together in continuous engagement across all Viva apps and the Viva Suite.


Viva product teams love VCCP because VCCP’s diverse customers provide valuable and actionable feedback that impacts product planning and development in time to make changes prior to release.  


Customers love VCCP because they learn about Viva strategy and roadmap in an exclusive NDA, pre-release setting, and once the product is released, they experience for themselves the impact their point-of-view has on Viva engineering’s product lifecycle.  


If you are interested in impacting Viva product teams’ decision making and you meet the criteria below, then you are a great fit for Viva Customer Connection Program (VCCP) and we’d love to have you join the community. 


  • Your organization is currently using at least one Viva app
  • Your organization is under NDA with Microsoft 
  • You are an employee experience decision-maker, implementer, or influencer 


VCCP Self-nomination Form 



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