Teams Live: Why do some people joining as presenters/event group and not audience?

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Hi! I was a producer in a Teams Live event earlier today. I shared the link with all employees using the "get attendee link" feature under the 'Invite attendees' header.


However, for some reason, around 200 people didn't join the live event as audience members because they needed to be admitted. After that, their names appeared under the 'event group' tab. I also noticed that these 200 people could access the chat feature and unmute themselves, which means they joined as presenters. This was distracting (and beat the "live" purposes), especially because these people sometimes joined without muting themselves, and the lobby noise kept popping up (to all of these 'presenters' as well).


I tracked the link that I shared in all my communications, but it was the same link in all instances. I wonder why this happened? Why could some people join as regular attendees while others joined as presenters if they were given the same attendee link? Is there any way to prevent this from happening again?


Thank you in advance :)

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I had the same issue with a Teams Webinar today. We had a lot of people joining as attendees in the Green Room, we could see they were there but they could not see or hear anything before we hit "Start Meeting". It was concerning to see them but luckily they could not see us. But this only happened with some of the attendees most of the attendees we as Presenters and organizers did not see in the meeting until after we started it.