RTMP ingest in Teams live events


The day before yesterday I wanted to create a live event in my Teams tenant and saw in the settings that there was an option "Teams created live event with external encoder" available, which also created a RTMP link for me, but it didn't work in OBS, in the web interface of the live event there was also an "Insert RTMP"

today my Teams desktop client has been updated to version and this option is no longer available


Is the rollout of the RTMP feature starting now ? (roadmap says GA March 2022) ? @Bryan Nyce 

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This is not yet rolling out, still in TAP.
ok thanks
Hello Bryan,

We have been using the Events workflow with External RTMP Encoder option (aka.. Streams) to bring a full video production environment into Teams. In the last Streams Office Hours call they said this feature is migrating into Teams. Is there more info on this roadmap and how it will be rolled out? How can we access the TAP releases as an early adopter?

Hi @gerardvirga,


This will be rolled out in the Q2CY22 timeframe (May-June) and should be available to TAP today. If you are not currently in TAP, there is no mechanism to test at this time (and the TAP program is full).