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We shall be using a MS Teams webinar for approximately 2000 people internal to our organization.

And would like confirmation about the following,

1. Will it allow people to join in without any registration (as they are all internal attendees) and can bypass the lobby, so they simply come into the webinar when they click the webinar link?

2. Will it allow 2000 people to join in - in mute mode where only the presenters can talk and present and the attendees are always muted but can put in chat messages?

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Hi @dshenoy2021

1. With the correct licencing for the organiser (E3/E5) Teams Meetings can now support up to 1000 participants active and 19,000 passive

2.) Yes, use Presenter/Attendee options you can set the presenters and then hard mute the rest of the attendees as well as disable their cameras. At the same time they can use the meeting chat.

So, standard teams meeting, organiser has E3/E5 licence, apply presenter attendee roles and hard mute/disable mic in meeting options.

Job done

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I'm planning an event much like in the original question, so,

First of all, thanks for your anwer.


Second: You advise to use the standard Teams meeting. Does that mean you think there is no significant benefit to using the 'Webinar' or 'Virtual event' option in Teams? 

We tried the webinar. It did not allow anyone from the lobby to enter the webinar after the attendee count touched 1000. We had to then stop the webinar and quickly setup a Teams Live event which worked for more than 1000 people. We are checking with our IT team and Microsoft why the webinar did not work for >1000 people.
@Tom_Piers - the benefit of the webinar is having a registration page, metrics for attendance and the ability to post that on social which is advantageous on having to add these aspects with third party apps. I guess my point was that the experience of a webinar is the same as a standard teams meeting, the webinar just has these extra features

@dshenoy2021 - I'd be interested to know. This is marked as launched on the Microsoft 365 roadmap

Best, Chris
@deshnoy's first question was not answered. How do you allow attendees to bypass the lobby?

@h-i-k You would configure the meeting options to allow lobby bypass. This article walks you through it step by step. 


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