MS 365 Business licences can't join Teams Live Event as Presenter/Producer, but Free licences can

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Ever since late 2020, I've been unable to successfully have MS 365 Business licence users participate as Presenters or Producers in Teams Live Events. Here are the steps I've gone through (which worked fine for most of 2020, but not now):


Set-up Steps

  1. Set-up Teams Live Event on Enterprise licence tentant (set event to public)

  2. Added all Presenters/Producers (some internal Teams E1/E3/E5 licencees on, some external Teams E1/E3/E5 licencees, some Teams Free licencees) to a Team

  3. Invited all the above as Presenters/Producers to the Live Event

  4. Verified that all invitees Accepted the invitation to the Team and the Event

  5. Verified that all invitees can see the "" organisation (& team) in their Teams app


Organisation MS Licence TypeCan join as Producer/PresenterNotes
Acme.com365 E1/E3/E5Yes 
External365 E1/E3/E5Yes 
External365 BusinessNojoins as Attendee only / Teams FreeYes 


Why aren't Teams Live Events allowing MS 365 Business Licences to participate as Producers/Presenters?

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Hi @juzzle5  I've moved your post to the Virtual Events conversation so that one of those experts will comment.


Thank you@ThereseSolimeno - I did consider posting in "Virtual Events" but I wasn't clear that it was about Teams "Live Events". I do wish Microsoft could standarise it's terminology - consistent words matter. I suggest "Virtual Events" be relabelled "Live Events" (I mean, what other type of Teams "Virtual Events" are there?)

@juzzle5  In the Microsoft world, Teams "Live Events" is actually a version of Teams that one would use to do a one-way virtual presentation (vs a regular Teams meeting where attendees can share video and audio with each other).  The Virtual Events and Webinars discussion covers the use of both of those versions of the product.


BTW, there is a live "Ask Microsoft Anything" session regarding Virtual Events and Webinars planned for this Wednesday, May 5 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Time in the AMA discussion forum: Microsoft Teams AMA - Microsoft Tech Community. Please join us with your questions.

Thank you@ThereseSolimeno - unfortunately this was outside my time zone. Is there another AMA planned soon?

Hi @juzzle5  There's one on Calling next Tuesday, May 11 at 9:00 am pacific time.  There will be another Virtual Events AMA scheduled for August or September, so in the meantime you can keep posting questions to the Virtual Events and Webinars discussion forum. Virtual Events and Webinars - Microsoft Tech Community