Can i register on behalf of others for MS Teams Webinar?

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I have set up a Webinar event and have received many queries from personal assistants asking if they can help register for their bosses. Is this possible? Or can I as an organizer help to register? Thanks. 

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I don’t think this is possible if the webinar is set to internal only! The email address will be auto filled! If not anyone can enter an email address for someone else! Also note that you don’t have to register for the webinar in order to attend! You just need the link! So the assistants can schedule a meeting for them like normal in Outlook if they have delegate permissions and insert the link there
Thank you, Adam!
I did try sending the link to another colleague who did not register for the webinar. He was prompted to register before he can enter the webinar. Is that how it is supposed to work? Or you are saying as long as they have the webinar link then they can join without having to register?