Automatically Record Teams Webinar

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Sorry if I am asking something that has been answered before, but I simply cannot find the answer nor the option to perform my task.


I have arranged a Teams Webinar and once setup, I entered the settings for the Webinar where I expected to find the option for automatic recording, but it is not there, no option listed.


I am trying to setup Webinars for some of our lectures who would be then set as the co-presenter and want the Webinar to automatically recorded when they start it, but this is not an option.


Could somebody please help, thanks

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Hi @ATIAdmin,


Once the Webinar is Schedule you can navigate to the Meeting Options and you should be able to see the feature of Record Automatically as per the below screenshot. If the feature is unavailable it could be a possibility that the feature is unavailable in your tenant as the feature is getting rolled between July and August 2022 as per the Microsoft Post. 


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Satish Upadhyaya