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Hi All, 


A quick question, I am using Teams Webinars for some upcoming webinars and would like to be able to share the list of people registered with a few others in the company. 


As I understand it out of the box only organisers can see this information and there is no ability to add more than one organiser? 


I also believe that the registration information is stored in a SharePoint list, the documentation describes this as being accessible via a SharePoint mysites however I am struggling to find these in any accessible place?


Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated. 





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Hi! Correct, only organizers can access this information! Either via. The attendee tab or by downloading it.
Where did you read it was stored in Sharepoint??



The registration information is attached to the webinar in the details tab. See screenshot below. This can be downloaded into ODB or SPO and shared. 




If I find it I will let you know


Best, Chris

It was mentioned in the documentation regarding governance and compliance and being able to remove attendees information.
Can you send us a link
Towards the bottom of this article

Organizers can respond to requests from registrants to exercise data subject rights by directly accessing their registration lists in SharePoint.

If I could access this I could setup some flows in PowerAutomate to inform those that are relevant of the registration.
Mysite is Delve. Is it showing there?

Best, Chris



Got it. It's in the Lists App under My Lists (personal) :D


Hope that answers your question. Happy sharing :D



Chris do you see the attendees in there? As far as I can see that appears to be more the meta for the meeting with no attendees information?
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It's in the list Questionnaire, not the list Event, nor the list Speaker. When in the Questionnaire list scroll to the columns on the right and it's there. Here's an example I have just done for a webinar registration



Go it, many thanks, I should be able to automate something off the back of that. Hopefully, they offer some greater flexibility around this functionality in the future. Or at least friendly names :D

Many thanks @Christopher Hoard for your support, I have documented this further on my blog 

No problem. Have a good one.

Best, Chris