MTR - Sign in issue

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Hi Community,

Hopefully you can assist me... :smile:


[Business Background]

  • Our business is in the process of migrating from On-Prem Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

[Work Performed So Far]

  • I've setup a MTR using Logitech Rally & Tap in our boardroom.
  • Created an on-prem AD service account (domain\HO-BR)
  • Synced to AzureAD
  • Assigned an E3 license
  • Used PowerShell to convert a room
  • *I have not provisioned a SIP account in SfB

[What Works]

  • Teams Meetings
  • Zoom Meetings


  • The Logitech Tap is displaying a "sign in" error (doesn't actually appear to affect functionality - just annoying to see).
    "We can't sign you in because the server couldn't be reached or the server version is incompatible with the device."

[My Thoughts]

  • I think it might be to do with DNS entries referencing our legacy on-prem Skype for Business.



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You might want to try to SIP enable the user on prem and migrate it to Skype Online to see if the missing attributes in AD are causing an issue.