Up and running :)

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Very Cool ,


I've got it up and running and even integrated with our job hold / follow me printing solution.

This is what we need :)


2 small questions:

1. is there or will there be an option to deploy this printers with intune to devices ?

2. how can I find the universal print page in azure without using the link out of the onboarding page every time , is there a way to add it to my favourites in  the azure portal ?


Great Work keep it going. :)


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@JWHeins - great to know that you were able to successfully deploy Universal Print and get started. Hope you share more stories of Universal Print with the community! :)


Here is the response to your questions:

  1. We are actively working on an interim solution to allow printer deployment on user devices and hopefully will share some details soon.
  2. Great feedback. We are currently in preview and still trying to close on the best place to post the Universal Print portal shortcut.



A little bit off topic here, but how do you arange job hold / follow me printing? Do you have some resources about it, or could you give me a hint how to start with it?


@Laurent Veys currently job hold and release is not available. One option may be to use a third-party software on Connector (similar to the print server model). Job hold and follow-me are features that can be added to the feature requests in the community if not added already and others can upvote/downvote. we continuously review the top asked features.

@Laurent Veys 

job hold / follow me print is arranged by a third party product, we use two different ones , the most international product is probably from ysoft with safeq , the other one we use is a local player to our country.  I don't say from any of them if they are good or not , just some example. 

in general the good part of how it is implemented you can make every print queue on your local environment a universal print queue.



Thank you for your answer. This could help me a lot.

I work for a school and we have 6 different locations. On 5 locations we use 100% AAD, and there is no local domain controller anymore. We like this way of working, but at this time we dont have much reporting, and there is also no pull print posible.
Our main location has a local AD and PaperCut, but we would like to switch so everything is the same.

I think that Universal Print will be a good step forward. Only thing is that we would need something for Pull printing on the multifunctionals. And that's where I'm stuck right now.

Do I understand it correctly that you have SafeQ on some locations and other software on others, or are they working together and are they processing other stuff?


Oh! Could you give me the name of the other (local) product?