Unable to add Brother printer / Registration timed out

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Has anyone seen issues adding a Brother printer to Universal Print?


I purchased a MFC-L5700DW to use Universal Print.


I've authorized the "Brother Universal Print Hardware Client" as a Global admin, and it seems to have solid permissions:



I've updated the printer to the latest firmware: Main: ZV2212051025 SUB1: 1.56


Registration seems to succeed on Azure's side -- registering with a Global admin (& Print admin):



But the printer simply reports it "timed out" every time:


Registration timed out. Please try again.



Has anyone seen this?


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I have not seen this issue but is the user you are adding the printer with assigned a UP License as well?

We are facing the same issue on enrolled devices and new devices. The connection was lost on Wednesday 2:00am and all of our printers are now disconnected. Also opened a ticket to brother. We need a solution asap as we cannot print for 3 days now.
We also have a ticket open -- printers don't register at all.

Our last ticket update stated "Our development team is looking into this." on Friday 1/19/2023. (Incident: 230118-001214)

@Nicholas Semenkovich 

We opened a ticket on Microsoft and they told us to contact Brother. Then we opened a ticket to Brother universal print department “ask an expert” and we are still waiting for a call or email. 
Please if you get any update let us know


Perhaps related to this issue.

Sometime over the MLK weekend Jan 13, 2023 - Jan 15, 2023, both of our Brother Universal Print Ready registered printers stopped running print jobs from Universal Print. All print jobs sent by users are shown as received by Universal Print in the Azure portal with status = "Pending", however the printer fails to pull the jobs from the service. I have a case open with Microsoft. We completed client and portal troubleshooting as well as a review of a network trace. The latest instructions from Microsoft support is to contact the vendor (Brother).

The printers Universal Print service status shows the following error codes:

Connection Status
Connection Error

Also found this status today after a network reset

Connection Status
Connection Error

On the phone with Brother now...
Brother tier 2 support confirmed that an investigation has been initiated as of Thursday for reports of Universal Print Ready service outage with symptoms matching above. No ETA at this time.

Thanks all for the report.  We are actively investigating the issue.  We will post an update once we have more information to share.

@Nicholas Semenkovich same issue here, with a Brother MFC-L6900DW
getting "Registration timed out. Please try again. (ECODE:0x01,0x32000003,-98,0)" every time.

I have opened a support case with both Azure support and Brother but nothing re a fix yet. Brother have advised "We can see that an investigation has be lodged with our Technical specialists in Japan"

It's alarming to learn our print jobs rely on more than just the printer hardware and the Azure UP Service.


Universal Print
Registration timed out. Please try again.

We got a reply on our Brother ticket at 01/25/2023:


We assume the cause might be caused due to “cipher suites” change at Microsoft side. Nothing changed at our side. We are already communicating with Microsoft about this situation.


No estimated time to fix or workaround (other than deploying the Print Connector) :sad:

Same thing here: Our UP printer stopped pulling printing jobs from the queue somewhen between 16.01. and 19.01.
All the brother device tells us regarding UP is Connection Error ECODE:0x02,0x52000049,12,11010
Same here. Packet capture shows periodic TLS connection resets from MS side after initial handshake. Confusingly, MS support team was provided with a packet capture sample showing this, they advised their SME found nothing wrong with it. :\

Thank-you for your patience as we investigate ways to resolve the issue.


Current information shows that it’s going to take a bit of time before things will be sorted out as the fix will involve a combination of updates from Microsoft and Brother.


In the meantime, one option is to temporarily use Universal Print connector software to register the affected Brother printers until the official updates are released.


If you are already familiar with the Universal Print connector software, then you basically want to register the same physical printer through the connector software and “swap” the printer. The reason why you want to “swap” the printer is because this will allow your client machines that already have the printer installed to continue to work without needing to re-discover and install the printer.


Here are the steps to add the additional printer registration and swapping the printer without changing your printer share.

  1. On the connector software host machine, create a print queue for the affected Brother printer.
  2. Open the connector UI tool and register the printer with Universal Print.  Note: You don’t need to unregister the Brother printer.
  3. Login to the Universal Print management portal


  1. Go to “Printer Shares”
  2. Search and select the printer share of the affected Brother printer


  1. Click the “Swap Printer” button


  1. Search and select the newly registered Brother printer in the flyout


  1. Click “Swap”
  2. Click “OK” to confirm



If you are not familiar with the Universal Print connector software, please refer here for details.


Hope this helps to unblock the immediate needs while we continue to address the root issue.



Hello again, we cant setup microsoft connector on all of our offices. We are a worldwide company and we setup the printers on all offices directly to azure. We need this to be fixed asap. We are now over a week without printers and you are writing that it will take a bit of time. We cant wait. People needs to print as it used to. Please help brother to find a solution as soon as possible.
Adding the connector service is not an option for impacted UP ready devices.

Per Brother support team, this outage affects the entire series of printers.

MS: What level of service & support should customers expect for "Universal Print Ready" service outages? Here we are at day 10 of the outage, and the "Universal Print" service health is still green on the M365 dashboard. May we have an M365 Service Health incident for this?

Hi all,


We would like to provide a bit more context of the recent change that impacted these printers.  Microsoft is required to make changes to make TLS 1.2 more secure. Unfortunately, these changes impacted Brother printers that were using the recently deprecated ciphers.


Listening to your feedback regarding the difficulty of using the workaround. We are working to temporarily allow Brother printers to connect to Universal Print until they can publish printer updates supporting stronger ciphers.


We expect the rollout for the temporary connectivity access to be complete by Feb. 3, assuming no other issues were hit.


We are actively discussing how we can better provide early notice to partners and allow for time to make the necessary changes going forward.




Hi Jimmy,

This is great news, thank for the quick update and your continued attention to this issue. I'm pleased to hear this incident might help improve the change messaging and coordination with partners in the future.

Dear Jimmy,

Finally, we here some great news. Please speed up the process if is possible to not waste one more week without UP printers.

Please understand also us SysAdmins that they blame us without knowing what is happening and without changing anything.

1st was the defender shortcuts that was triggered as malicious and now the UP printers not connecting.

Please let us know if anything changes so we can also inform our people.

Edit: @Jimmy_Wu It is probably clearer if I explain what seems to be the issue by way of screen shot. I have attached the relevant screenshots. One attachment is the registration workflow on the brother side of things. As you can see, the permission grant on the microsoft side doesn't show up in the workflow. So it looks like it is able to register the application in the users tenant, and then gets stuck when it should then advance to the granting of admin permissions.


The other is the workflow to manually grant admin permission to the tenant for the brothe app. 


As I mentioned in the original post, cipher suites and TLS updates don't seem to be the issue. It would seem that someone at brother simply needs to add the url to the application registration as a reply URL. Since this is a multi tenant app, only the App owner (brother) can do this. If I am correct this is literally a 15 second fix that requires no further investigation or input from microsoft.



I opened a support chat for this earlier this week because I got this error on the brother side as well when trying to register a new printer, but when I tried to manually accept permissions for my tenant on the AAD side, I got this error:

AADSTS50011: The redirect URI
'https://entra.microsoft.com/TokenAuthorize' specified in the request does not match the redirect URls configured for the application '40af16e9-e149-4a7d-88d3-6a8e300ef866'. Make sure the redirect URI sent in the request matches one added to your application in the Azure portal. Navigate to
https://aka.ms/redirectUriMismatchError to learn more about how to fix this.

Seems to me the fix is as simple as adding the entra token auth url to the brother app. Only brother can do this.